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Walkthroughs & Strategies / Re: TCO - Final Cut - Save Game and Guide
« on: July 14, 2020, 11:29:19 am »
Hello all the people who play Warcraft Reforged, but then decided to downgrade to 1.27 just to play this awesome campaign.
I played this map a long time ago, since it's still alpha/beta. During this covid19 I had so much free time so I decided to dive into this again. I have the save file and an updated version of all the tutorials / guides / helps you can find in this forum or on Hive forum. Hope it can help you all somehow.

Here is the save, both profiles don't use any give up:

Profile 1: it has lots of resources
Profile 2: game completed only once on horecard (because of censorship lol), it has less resource, but still, enough for having all the fun

To use this, follow the steps below:
- Create a new Warcraft profile, or just use the current one, but you may risk overriding your current WC3 campaign progress
- Paste the files I sent to that profile folder, probably just TheChosenOne file is enough, but I'm not sure so I copied both file
- Go to the TCO - Settings mission, and choose "Load from the end"

And here is the spreadsheet that contains all the help you need:

I also recorded my horecard run without giving up, but too lazy to do all the merging / uploading because it's GBs in size per video. Maybe I'll upload it in the next outbreak???
Anyway, I couldn't reach Aero since he finished this map. I hope everything is OK for him and he will publish his book soon.

Any idea on how to get this to work? Copied all the 3 files in my Profile 1 folder under Save Folder, using version 1.30.4. Didint show up in game.

Walkthroughs & Strategies / Re: TCO - Final Cut - Save Game and Guide
« on: July 13, 2020, 09:08:30 am »
This will be very helpful to start this afresh. How many Honor Points and Gold does profile 1 have?

The developer has long abandoned this website. And I doubt he will give you the unprotected files. Even if you got them, the game wont work properly in 1.32 as it is unplayable even in 1.31. The best way to enjoy this game is the oldschool way with a 1.26, just grab a portable copy of 1.26 which was anyway much better than the Deforged crap.

Introduce / Re: Hello everybody
« on: April 23, 2020, 06:10:07 pm »
I'd rather buy this for $30 than Reforged. Vanilla 1.26 and people like you keep this masterpiece alive. Wish could get more traffic at this site.

/ Re: The Help Masterthread
« on: April 23, 2020, 06:03:00 pm »
if miraculously anyone still here, anyone know if in this lastest version (full 1.0) "End of an Era" is obtainable??

eventho it's not my first playthrough (Load from "The End", Hard mode, campaign Start at 107 hours and managed to go to chapter 10 on 116 hrs, which is less than 10 hours), but the barrel still saying "you're late" .

and anyone experiencing the normal difficulty campaign's reward "25% more gold and exp" only works on chapter 1 on the next playthrough??

and I can't see the interlude on chapter 2 and chapter 3, my game point keep reset on this 2 chapters (currently 30k ish game point), maybe anyone care to share or have any info about this?


I'm 2 years too late, but I hope you found your answer.

Walkthroughs & Strategies / Re: TCO Item List
« on: April 23, 2020, 06:01:09 pm »
I wish I could express how invaluable this collection has been for me. I dig this game, and have been playing it for the last 10 years, and yet this compilation is everything I need to strategize and build. What an amazing game and community made here, I shall always be thankful for this website to keep my childhood memories alive.

Walkthroughs & Strategies / Re: Fradz insane damage
« on: March 19, 2019, 05:38:57 pm »
Butcher's set+Destiny is the core, and doesn't even need a give up to pull off (Destiny can be obtained from chapter 10 lucky box with 0 luck). Of course using Oelivert makes it much much easier. Then you have Sword of haste of course which helps you also with ramping up the damage.
As i found recently Family picture from Phodom starter pack would be way better then Leviathan armour in a similar fashion (I never picked that item so i had no idea it can be activated to DOUBLE your attack speed, which is crazy).
I suggest to buy Life earring too from chapter 7 to gain an additional 400 life regen in chapter 10, then jewel of health, Andenaj I, II and III (II into III in chapter 7 also) and Francisca.
In the Zylcious fight I farmed the damage on Zylcious first form for some minutes, since he's immortal until you deplete his mana, then you cut through death knights and even Super Ummuut in a few minutes.
Of course you need to hit Fradz with Galeoth from time to time in order to keep the bonus when you can't hit anything with Fradz himself (and that's the reason you see he has no mana in the picture). You may need to have Sargatanas or maybe just Oricalchon equipped on Galeoth though, no idea why.
Of course Galeoth and Phodom serve the only purpose to support Fradz with buffs such as Zocmo's aura or debuffs (Doom Helmet from chapter 6 decreases enemies armour by 10, Santoryou does basically the same and so on).
Fradz's healing spell is actually bugged, I picked it just for testing, so blessing of lightning is still the better choice there. Not a big deal anyways.
I even discovered a new bug, i believe, I don't know if it's specific to this build.
When you reach 110k damage more or less, the game brings you back to like 10k. I checked the multiboard and Fradz Health Regen was still 110.000 or so, and should be always equal to his damage thanks to destiny...
Of course we have no way to check if this is always the case since this build is the only one capable to reach this amount of damage as far as I know.

Do you have a save file with lots of Game Points and Honor maybe? I really wanna replay for the Interludes and try on ****, couldnt find a saved file anywhere and not in the mood to start afresh.

Walkthroughs & Strategies / Re: Fradz insane damage
« on: March 03, 2019, 10:31:52 am »
Show your items please, how is this possible?

News / Re: Version 2.0
« on: December 19, 2014, 01:21:41 am »
Major bugs with this version include-
1. Phodom always starting with Trance and Magic Resistance, no matter which starting pack i choose.
2. Soldier's set armor increase not working. It shows the armor number, but it doesnt add up to the char stat.
3. Fradz ability Discharge is absolutely useless. It neither stuns as it says, nor deals the extra 2% max HP damage.

I am currently in chapter 3, this version looks very well made. The bugs dont really affect gameplay of you can avoid using bugged abilities and weapons. Well done man, cant wait for the Christmas release.

News / Re: Version 1.9q
« on: December 02, 2014, 01:12:12 am »
It worked just fine in 1.9o..its suppised to heal all nearby units and damage far off enemies. Youve to calculate the damage/heal radius to make it effective. Very cool spell.

Idea Factory / Re: Official Balance Thread
« on: November 23, 2014, 09:36:37 am »
If you could release a minor version with the Andenaj and Esper fixes, that'd be real cool coz ive got a free week and would be nice to have a good playthrough, ive never gone beyond chapter 7 as of yet.

Idea Factory / Re: Official Balance Thread
« on: November 21, 2014, 01:37:29 am »
Since there is no way i can make 2 Francisca, i cannot test if it will be so. Having only 1 Andenaj is good enough I guess, when can we expect the next version?

Idea Factory / Re: Official Balance Thread
« on: November 19, 2014, 06:00:31 pm »
There is a certain problem i see with that mechanic. In that case, as soon as the Andenaj or Jewel fulfills its quota of 500 HP, i'll sell it and use another virgin Andenaj untill I gain another 500. I once made 18 Andenajs plus an Andenaj upgraded version. If you're going this direction, you must limit Branches and make Jewels a rare obtainable item instead of a shop item.

Idea Factory / Re: Official Balance Thread
« on: November 17, 2014, 03:41:30 pm »
In my opinion, despite many annoying bugs the game is quite balanced. The bosses often require intelligent fights and challenging brainstorming instead of just hitting here and there. About game imbalance there are a few points i abused which probably isnt how Aero imagined them to work.
Firstly, Andenaj and Jewel of Health. In all previous versions that worked, i always had andenaj and 5 jewel of healths on phodom from level 1 every time he levels up, it gave me an extra 175 HP per level, which is a staggering 1750 HP boost every chapter, not to mention the 240 HP from Ruby Axe, by chapter 5 i often had a 8000 HP Phodom with a staggering attack damage from Tzitorin. I used this tactic on even Fradz and Galeoth, often playing parts of chapters playing solo with heroes just so i wouldnt split the XP and get all andenajs on the hero. I kept a inventory box dedicated to 5 regular Andenaj and a II or III whenever i could upgrade, and another box full of XP boost items to reach solo level up thresholds and item dance. I must say this made the game really enjoyable for me, getting an unkillable Phodom by chapter 8. With 38000HP and Dragon Buster and that single ability that makes him invulnerable for 5 seconds is a GG. I'm not sure if its against game balance, i had to work really hard to micromanage, solo and build OP tanks outta all heroes, even fragile galeoth.
Secondly, I must talk about the motivation to find and assemble cool items. I shouldnt need to look up the item list everytime i found a part of a set, coz thats really boring. it would be cool to have side quests which detail a legend behind a cool item and leave me a trail to sniff out the parts, makes the game more engaging and compels the player to have the item. A lot of the items are really unique and useful and lies underrated, like Poison Knife that stops regen, man cant tell you how many times i loaded that usually shitty knife on Galeoth and ended up a tough elite boss real quick. Or that Spiked Club from chapter 1 which is the only %based item stun in game, load it onto Fradz with Blades of haste and it freezes many tough cookies in place. But people still want only the flashy Red or Purple items, which is cool but a real drag to assemble. There should be more in-game motivation to obtain those items, and not just looking up online lists and 'where to find them walkthroughs'

I suggest you remove the health boost from Jewel of Health, and make sure we cant make multiple andenajs, i still wanna make mammoth HPs, but perhaps thats not in the best interests of the game.

I believe it should be cool to have a rewiring of the spell sets at chapter 6 or 7, after playing 4 chapters with mainly singular heroes and 1 chapter co-ordinating 2 heroes, players should get an idea on strategy builds and what abilities are better for teamfights instead of being hero-specific. Also, chapter 6 being halfway to the game (given the later chapters get larger, chap 7 took me 3 times longer to play than chap 3, im considering chap 6 to be a good median point), being able to change abilities has a moral boost (like wow goodies for finishing halfway or preparing for the next half of the journey).
Many players also get confused at the prolouge, the idea of picking attributes BEFORE starting the game is rather disconcerting. I believe the prolouge should be better put to make the concepts more understandable (like adding motion cinematics of the spells to make their effects and powers easy to understand). However, i am no coder and i dont know if it will be way too complicated to feasibly accomplish.

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