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Introduce / Hello fella
« Last post by TzyEnome on March 16, 2018, 09:45:47 pm »
It was last 2 years ago. I broke up with my ex and Dota 2 couldn't make me happy anymore.So, I tried to play a lot Dota1 campaign. Even after that, everything was too boring. <3 Long story short, I found TCO. I can't stop playing at all. I even missed national festivals. (I will missed again)  ;D
It has a lot challenges, a lot patterns, not too easy and also not too hard, story is great, I even tried to write a journal abt this game
 for my next generation.( It's true)  ;D  Whatever, Aeroblyctos , u created a powerful existence and I thank u for this. I wish we can sit together and talk
in certain tea-house with mutual language ;P .  Good luck, mate.
Walkthroughs & Strategies / Re: Yurgimar battle **** No Give-up
« Last post by Lynx on February 19, 2018, 03:44:03 am »
Okay I know this is necroing a 3 year old post but still screw me with a god damned Ogozooma I don't remember this bloody ability of Yurgimar where he starts channeling a spell, similar to when he's doing the push-away-shockwave, but this one is a lock-on onto your heroes. The last time I played TCO, and finished it, was like, uh, 2 years ago? Yurgimar was as hard as my boner (see what I did there?) but I have no memory of this seemingly unavoidable spell that instantly murders my Galeoth with 10k HP through the mana shield (8k mana) and like 50% magic resistance.

The numbers may not be right but whatever, what I'm trying to ask is - how do you dodge his second phase lock-on channeling spell? If impossible, how do you not die like a bish to it then?

I figured there might be someone else in the future one day having trouble with this, and considering what a husk full of invalid links this forum is it might be useful to have an answer available somewhere.
General Discussion / Re: Can't post in "Help" topic, but need help!
« Last post by Tears on February 06, 2018, 05:03:34 am »
I never had such problems since the very first version of TCO. I used warcraft 1.26 and 1.24e for playing TCO. Note that the campaign was never tested on new warcraft patch later than 1.26. So if you update your warcraft to 1.28 recently, try to roll that back.

Also, I know that it may not be related, but there was a time when I couldn't save my game, because there was not enough disk to save the game. I suggest you to take a look at your disk.
News / Re: It's been awhile
« Last post by Tears on February 06, 2018, 04:58:13 am »
Yo! Remember me my friend?

I tried to contact you on your Facebook site a while ago, seems you abandoned it just like you abandoned this site :D
Anyway, I just wanna say that I remember my promise, and still waiting for your book. I just this site once in a while for news, it's not really convenient. I sent you my personal email, please drop me an email when the book is published.

It's glad to hear from you again, the old time when we support each other is really great. I will go to Helsinki someday in the future, hope we can meet in person there :D

Keep up with the good work man.
News / Re: It's been awhile
« Last post by Haruka on January 28, 2018, 07:02:55 pm »
seems like we missed each other all the time in  :/
I would loved it too chat more with you.

i uploaded 2 vids a bit ago but never saw you again xd
here ya go
if you want me too upload EVERYTHING tell me ^^

the Yurgimar vid almost half of it is just prep and the other one i uploaded a whole part of my footage
1:27:30 start the fight vs. Zylcious, i loaded a few times cuz i forgot what he did
and 3:01:50 start the fight with Xvarion

But that would be very sad too hear that you move along and let the Version 1.0 be
i know you already worked so hard and long for the game
but still i wish for a newer version with fewer bugs
and some balance changes so more abilitys are viable
that would make the game perfect.

I would like too help more but i dont know much about the WC 3 editor.
(I just know that crits worked in 1.8e, im surprised that some of the bugs are so hard too fix,
but i gues is is easier too imagine the fix than actually doing it in the editor.)

The Chosen Ones together with the Warcraft 3 Engine is just such a great game, but some of the bugs just ruin so much newcomer experience ^^
I wish you best of luck with your Books and future ; ) , maybe someday we see a *real* game (lets hope).
I played the game a few 100 hours and i will still continue playing every few years ; ).

(Someone in another forum asked if you could make the campaign open source so maybe some other people could fix some bugs themself ?
 Im pretty shure that you dont like that Idea, but it would be so great if some people fix stuff and we have a newer Version
 instead of no new Version ever. : / )

(Im sure i dont have enought money to donate for ya, but who knows what means big for ya. I really dont want you too quit now when its almost done. : / )
News / Re: It's been awhile
« Last post by Aeroblyctos on January 24, 2018, 12:04:53 pm »

I worked for the campaign two weeks. In that time I fixed many things, but I got stuck to some major bugs like Critical Strike... I forgot how troublesome it was to fix the game overall. So many things I already forgot and didn't know anymore how to fix. And I don't have nowadays much time to figure it all out and motivation to go different forums to ask for help. So eventually I gave up, moved on and started working on another book. This time not fantasy book. I'm still waiting for some feedback before I sent the book about this fantasy world to publisher.

So at least the story is not over, but I fear that I won't be making anymore versions of the campaign. Of course if someone gives a big donation I would work my ass of.

EDIT: But the guy who I spoke in the chat... Is it possible to see those videos you made? It is tearful in a good way to watch videos about the campaign.
General Discussion / Can't post in "Help" topic, but need help!
« Last post by WillowBee on January 21, 2018, 11:23:11 am »
I'm addicted to this game! But I've reached chapter 6 and can't progress because of crashes. I can't save without crashing and if I try to proceed without saving, I crash after a few minutes. I get an error message.

"This application has encountered a critical error:

Not enough storage is available to process this command.

Program: c:\users\MYNAME\downloads\warcraft iii\war3.exe
Object: Chunk (.?AUChunk@CDataStoreChunked@@)"

Help? I wanna cry :(

Idea Factory / Re: [Bug Thread] Version 1.0
« Last post by matias371 on January 02, 2018, 08:58:02 pm »
Btw I did the easter egg of chapter 2, but the trigger doesn't work and nothing happen, like the author of thread to find it say. In fact the sink it's very hard to kill even with max speed of galaxy orb, I tried like 10 times and just 2 times can hit but no kill before it explodes, and need items and levels to achieve a fast kill. You can get 500 of movement speed with zocmo's boots, thief's boots and invi.

Author: Lunarisc

Chapter 2

Unobtainable/Disabled, the mechanics work but killing the Giant Skink aka "Big Dinosaur" does nothing, even with cheats to kill it the moment it spawns and with at the first attempt.
Probably Disabled

Maximum Movement Speed.
Must complete within 15 seconds on activating.

Easter Egg will start if Fradz goes to these areas:
The Bridge area/Synthesis Shops
Almost Entire Area South of the Hill of Nhutzi
Noctoriah's Mausoleum

There are two cactus plants to take note of:
Cactus Plant A is the one directly northwest of Noctoriah's Mausoleum.
Cactus Plant B is northwest of Cactus A just a few steps away. This is the cactus you want to stand at.

Another thing to take note of is where the "Giant Skink" will spawn. It is in the huge spacious area on the northside of the road where a cluster of cacti are growing.

The region where the Skink spawns is marked by a huge fog effect, the Skink spawns in the center and
will wander around that area.

How to get:
Step just beside Cactus Plant B, I recommend the right side. Now quickly run to the area where the
Skink spawns and kill it. It has 600hp, it is very huge and covers half the screen. If you don't kill it in 15seconds it will explode and you have to restart from the cactus.
Idea Factory / Re: [Bug Thread] Version 1.0
« Last post by matias371 on January 02, 2018, 07:11:57 pm »
In previous versions I can stack Tera Ring (allow 6 levels above chapter) and Ring of Wisdom, (5 levels) ---> 11 levels total.
In 1.0 version, Tera Ring allow your hero to be 15 levels above the limit of chapter, but Ring of Wisdom doesn't stack its 10 levels... So I finished the game in chapter 10 with level 115, but not with 125.

Even in very old versions... Tera Ring was stackable with its synthesis, like mega ring (you can't have Giga and Tera at same time), I understood that was a bug, and it was corrected, but Ring of Wisdom is coming from a different source of Tera Ring, and should be stackable.

EDIT: My bad!!, you have to equip both rings at same time, and yea, I got lvl 125 on 3 heroes... Just a minor bug: After get all ability points available, when the experience bar are full and get another level, but no surpass lvl 125, the first ability of each hero go from 20 to 19... who cares? your heroes are so powerful, even I beat Zylcious at first attempt in hard-core (no need to load, first time!!).

In chapter 7 I had the same problems about boxes in gladiator arena, but at that time I didn't lose anything special in my Galeoth's boxes (just mysterious ring, but I never need Potion of Ability from Varmath), cause Fradz and Phodom had special items in their boxes. So I test finishing the chapter before doing more at that 7 chapter, to check at ch. 8 how was my Galeoth boxes... The result... Insane! It loads a previous boxes from my last playtrough like 3 years ago... And at that time, my Galeoth's boxes had Aerial sword and armor, so I come back to chapter 7, and did aerial shoes, finishing with 2 Aero items!... Its a bug, but I never thought that could be possible. Even I had 2 Blessed Amulets!!

Walkthroughs & Strategies / Galeoth like perfect weapon
« Last post by matias371 on January 01, 2018, 07:38:18 pm »
Hi everyone... I didn't play this campaign a lot of time... But this vacation I've come back!

My post it's about the five rank dragon Galeoth... The great mage, and I want you to share your items builts and strategies to equip him.

1 photo: high magic and basic damage

2 photo: high dps (damage per second)

What do you think that I would prefer?

I choose 2... In fact is insane, that mage is a killing machine, his attack rate is incomparable!!

Happy 2018
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