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Haven't I told about that system thousand times already?

It's just a simple system. Some abilities can give Brittle, Bleed or Stagger for few seconds. Some abilities can use these buffs to deal more damage then normally.

And about EndlessPain's suggestion I'm not sure. I think the ability can't be cancelled because it's based on Blade Master's Bladestorm which cannot be cancelled.  :-[

You could always play around with immolation and divine shield a bit.

Idea Factory / Heaven's Blessing's Name
« on: July 18, 2011, 01:54:29 pm »
I love using Heaven's Blessing, but one small thing bothers me, Why didn't you stick to the "Fire" Theme of Phodoms skill? Like calling it "Phoenix's Blessing" Unless... Its Copyrighted?

*Wags Finger* Now that's where your Wrong my Stereotypical RPG Playing Friend, In Truth, Galeoth has the MOST potential to be a say "Battlemage"

Bone Chiller
Piercing Shard
Ice Mastery
Frozen Fang
Frozen Armor
That Skill Where Waves from around the screen come into the target point and smash the enemy.

Enter Combat using Frozen Armor, then Piercing Shard, then Bonechiller, and when they escape, Frozen Fang, by now your Piercing Shard has cooleddown, Use it, Now their hitting you, No worries, your Frozen Armor is popping out Ice bolts with the same effect, Ice Mastery should have Significantly Upgraded your Skills, So If their not dead by now, give it a spell or two.

Now, That 12 Waves skill that I forgot the name of, I know this might be hard to use if you didn't stack as many armor buffs and skills on Galeoth, BUT, If you were Smart and went for the Esper Elite Boss in Ch3, Oh yeah, you know where I'm going with this. This Tatic is what won me the Epic Boss, Spam Skills, Use Ultimate, Use Esper, Finish Ultimate, Smash whoevers still alive.

Blade Dance
Lightning Ball
Lightning Mastery
Speedy Boost
Teleport Strike.

I tend to enter combat with Discharge and Blade Dance on, I use Lightning Ball when I'm low on hp, Lightning Mastery helps to make Lightning Ball really flesh out its true potential, In cases like the CH2 Epic Boss or just when I'm low on hp (Fradz for me has lower then 1k hp in ch2, I piled into agi) I use Speed Boost to get away from dangers, such as the instant kills that the Epic Boss would normally do to me, I use Teleport Strike if Speedy boost isn't there, and I need time to use a potion.

Tends to work out well, But it always keeps me on the edge, With that low HP, Any hit can kill you.

By the Way, Don't call me Archlight, If i wanted to be called that I'd have had it in my name.

AdmOrian also I found out that chaotic rift is as usefull as phoenix combo :)
Archlight if you want to make phodom a Berseker like DPS , then go on it,  but you will truly need a tank in your party and I do not belive that Fradz or Galeoth could ever mach phodom's hight HP and STR.But again , it's only from my point of view :)

Oh, you would LOVE to see what I did with Galeoth back in 3.3a ahaha... Though it seems it might be a bit more tricky this time around.

*Reads through Post*
"Tank" "Because hes a Tank" "Since hes a tank... and that's good for tanks" "We picked this because hes a Tank"

Oh... Hes a Tank? I just activate Avatar and use Explosion wait for the stat boost, Impact Flare the guy, and if hes a boss i end it with Phoenix Combo, I have Flame mastery and other spells on the side.

Works every time, I never really looked at Phodom as a tank, I always just thought of him as a Durable DPS, like... a Berserker.

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