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Idea Factory / Re: Idea about portals !!!!!!!!
« on: September 28, 2010, 03:55:09 am »
Yes, actually I have been thinking the same thing. The portals in chapter 2 are also made very quick this time instead of stupid ?ber special effects. I'm planning to add portals to chapter 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10.

Off-Topic / Where are you from?
« on: September 28, 2010, 03:48:56 am »
Hello, hello!

I would like to know where you are from? It's great to see people from all around the world playing The Chosen Ones! This is one of the million things that unites the world.

I'm from Finland, what about you?

Site Discussion / Improvements to the website
« on: September 28, 2010, 03:46:57 am »

Let's make here a little list what to improve in this site. Because the site is just few days old there are plenty of things to be improved. Once we have enough improvements I will give this thread to Xarwin's control and he start to improve the site.

  • I can't see well enough this thing: Hey, Aeroblyctos you have 0 messages, 0 are new. Show unread posts since last visit. Show new replies to your posts." I wonder if it's possible to move somewhere else, make it diferent color or something else?
  • I would like to have "New Posts" link to that top right bar where are for example "Home", "Help", "Search".
  • Also a direct link to rules from top bar is needed.
  • It would be great to look & lurk the old website, but we should not be able to post there however.  Lurk here:

Site Discussion / Re: New website of TCO online!
« on: September 28, 2010, 03:33:43 am »
Hey, it seems like I'm a bit late.  ;)

Great to see everything is working now. I will update this website time to time.

What the heck, isn't that picture from chapter 10!? We need a better picture. Yeah, I requested already one but it can takes days and still bot 100% sure if he's ever going to do that. So if anyone is a good drawer, draw a good picture that fits the theme!

And Xarwin, what about our post counts? A new start or are you going to take the old post counts from the old website? Same to me, expect few guys almost reached the last characters(needs 2000 posts).

Questionnaire / Questionnaire (old)
« on: September 27, 2010, 06:06:33 am »
Dear player,

I would like to thank you for playing the campaign: The Chosen Ones.

I trust that you had an enjoyable time playing this campaign. I would greatly appreciate your taking time now to share with me your impressions and thoughts on your experiences at playing the campaign.

Please copy these questions below and answer to them. First add version you have played and remember to give a number after your comment from one to five. Then make a comment in here or send an email to me with your answers. This will help me to improve the campaign.

Thank you once again for this opportunity and I look forward to have nice, friendly and instructive message from you.

Friendly regards,

1: Poor
2: Fair
3: Average
4: Good
5: Excellent

Question 1: Story - What do you think about the story? Is it too confusing? Too simple? What is the best and the worst part in the story. Why?

Question 2: Characters - What do you think about characters? Are they boring? Are they interesting? Who is your favorite character? What character you didn't liked. Why?

Question 3: Game play - What do you think about the game play. Is it boring? Is the campaign too repetive? Is there too much killing? What is the best side of game play and what is the worst. Why?

Question 4: Bosses - What do you think about the bosses at the campaign? Too hard? Too easy? Please tell me what is your favorite boss and what is the worst boss? Why?

Question 5: Music/sound - What do you think about the musics at the campaign? Are they bad? Are they good? What is the best and the worst music at the campaign?

Question 6: Diffculty - What is your opinion about the difficulty. Is it too hard? Too easy? Which parts of the campaigns were not balanced, what are they, and why?

Question 7: Cinematics - What do you think about the cinematics? Too long? Too much? Too boring? Tell what is the worst and the best cinematic and why.

Question 8: Atmosphere - What do you think about the atmosphere of the campaign? Too funny? Too sad? Tell what increases and decreases the atmosphere? Why?

Question 9: Abilities/Spells - What do you think about characters' spells? Are they balanced? Does they have good enough effects?

Question 10: Items - Are the items interesting? Are they unique? Are there too much items? What should be changed?

All things consired, how would you describe your playing experience at the campaign?

Would you recommend this campaign to your friends?

/ Rules
« on: September 27, 2010, 05:57:43 am »
Website rules

Major Rules
  • Do not include pornography in your posts.
  • Do not include excessively disturbing material in your posts.
  • Do not include viruses or any other harmful material in your posts.

Breaking the major rules
  • Violating the major rules result in punishment including but not limited to: a warning, temporary ban, or permanent banishment.

Minor Rules
  • Be friendly, don't mock and start flame wars.
  • Do not spam, flood or double post. Use the modify button.
  • If you want to "bump" your thread wait at least 12 hours before doing so.
  • Use English only when posting on the website. You can use other languages in private messages and signatures.

Breaking the minor rules

  • Violating the minor rules may result in a little punishment: a warning or temporary ban.

Campaign rules

Before you start to play, open with any kind of program or share the campaign, you must have understood and agreed the rules. I don't want any misunderstanding and infringement.

  • You are allowed to open the campaign in world editor and peek and learn from it as much as you want.
  • You are allowed to make your own version of the campaign for your own PRIVATE USE. You are NOT allowed to share your own edited campaign without my permission. I have NOT allowed any others versions of the campaign YET.
  • You are NOT allowed to take ANY resources from the campaign without my permission. If I allow you to take some resources from it you'll credit me for taking the resources from the campaign and the creator of resource itself(me or someone else). If you don't obey these rules download the resources elsewhere. This campaign is NOT a recycle bin where you take resources for your own projects.
  • You are NOT allowed to take any other resources from the campaign such as dialogues or story parts from the campaign.


Information / Hall of Fame
« on: September 27, 2010, 05:53:24 am »
Hall of Fame

robotworld - The winner of Competition #45.
Shinokyofu - The winner of Competition #44.
Aeroblyctos - The winner of Competition #41.
Yggdrasill - The winner of Competition #39.
Isofruit - The winner of Competitions #32 and #35.
Doomlord - The winner of Competition #30.
Skasian - The winner of Competition #29.
Blackdoom59 - The winner of Competitions #28, #33, #36, #37 and #40.
AriLaroo - The winner of Competition #27.
Witardo - The winner of Competition #26.
pl4ton - The winner of Competition #25.
megmaconqueror - The winner of Competition #22.
Killa - The winner of Competitions #21 and #22.
SaRDaNaPaLoS_QQ - The winner of Competition #19.
Divine Seal - The winner of Competitions #17 and #24.
Alan_Osl - The winner of Competitions #14 and #18.
Flecky - The winner of Competitions #8, #31, #34 and #38.
VGAura - The winner of Competitions #5 and #7.
JoJoRiS - The winner of Competitions #4 and #6.
tonttu-mies - The winner of Competition #3.
Vercas - The winner of Competition #1.

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