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Bug & Balance / Re: 1.9 Bug Masterthread
« on: February 10, 2015, 06:03:03 am »
Bugs checked.

after that the poppag dissapears and the chap 8 epic just dont trigger i tried 5x times with difer
Any invisible see item should do it.

and idk if its a bug but zyll orb actually stacks with the magics orbs so u can get in chap 8 the ultimate orb
How? You should have 1x orb per chapter.

News / Re: Version 2.1e
« on: February 10, 2015, 05:23:04 am »
Is the Summoner's Amulet bug fixed yet? Cuz it kinda affects all unit in the game (except your heroes). I forgot if it affects bosses but it does affect normal mobs.
What bug?

Some minor bugs in chpt 7:

a) Potion of mana has no effect on Fradz (suppose to have +50 permanent mana)

b) Description of restoration scroll. 700% of the health and mana?

c) After one's has the other 2 pieces of holgro, if you choose the third option when talk to paladin (holgro optional quest), you will no longer able to select your heroes.


Idea Factory / Re: Just some minor suggestions
« on: February 10, 2015, 05:21:23 am »
Increase Andenaj's proc rate. It is horribly low at the moment, I can stack a francisca to full in 10 mins while andenaj is at 150/750. Also I didn't get all the stacks in ch4, despite i killed everything.


Make the stat that allows to go over the chapter's max lvl a shared stat. It is just annoying and time consuming to keep swapping  Mega/Giga/Tera ring and Ring of Wisdom and grind monsters for the extra levels. For example I spent 20 minutes at the kraken boss killing the bugs and tentacles just to get those extra levels.

Mm... I don't know.

News / Re: THE FINAL BATTLE! - Event
« on: February 10, 2015, 03:24:55 am »
So yes, no or when you can give final answer?

Heroic Achievements / Re: **** End
« on: February 09, 2015, 05:00:55 am »
Very nice job, matias371.

Am i allowed to cheat at chapter 10?!
Of course not. How so?

News / Re: THE FINAL BATTLE! - Event
« on: February 04, 2015, 02:25:49 pm »
You have to make sure that you can livestream and also we have to make an announcement at least a week before so we can have as many people as possible.

Idea Factory / Re: Inventory system
« on: February 04, 2015, 03:16:41 am »
One guy was making for the campaign such a system years ago but it failed.

Now it's way too late to make such a thing. My coding / texture skills aren't good enough to create something like that. Also I'm just fine how things work at the moment.

General Discussion / Re: What's the best item so far?
« on: February 03, 2015, 04:08:49 pm »
Good, good, good. My plan is finally working and basic attack is strong too...

News / Re: THE FINAL BATTLE! - Event
« on: February 03, 2015, 09:23:56 am »
That would be awesome if you could do it.

News / Version 2.1e
« on: February 03, 2015, 08:02:47 am »
Version 2.1d to 2.1e

- Chapter 6 Epic Boss remade
- Chapter 9 Boss should be now easier
- Further made Elementals stronger and fixed some problems with them
- Fixed Phodom Combat King load bug at chapter 7
- Fixed Phoenix Combo at chapter 8(was one of the weirdest bugs I've seen so far)
- Fixed epilogue load: now it can show good and secret ending (before just bad ending)
- And many other bug fixes around the campaign once again

News / Re: THE FINAL BATTLE! - Event
« on: February 03, 2015, 03:37:06 am »
Actually I wonder if someone else is able to do it.

I eould watch and fix things around the campaign same time. Also then I would create few new spells (I want someone to create this new Fradz turning to ranged Hero skill).

Last time wasn't enough I think to see all bugs (didn't go everywhere).

News / Re: THE FINAL BATTLE! - Event
« on: February 01, 2015, 01:31:06 pm »
Could you please tell me what was the item in Fradz's inventory in the last battles in your stream?
It was located in the 2nd line in inventory to the left from the Frdaz's set and upper than Omega Set?
Btw how was Fradz nearly invulnerable in any fight with only 4 items (Fradz's Set, Omega Set, my question's item and the other one, near to Omega set)?
Fradz was nearly immortal because of Ice Crystal and Omega Set. Those two items can make one of your craracter nearly immortal.

Not sure what item you are talking about but there are many mysterious Lucky Items...

Soon new version with some fixes. Yesterday I fixed chapter 6 epic boss... and finally fixed chapter 8 Phoenix Strike load!

I'm thinking about another hilarious live stream with new hell of an awesome Fradz new ability which makes Fradz RANGED UNIT! Think about Fradz throwing lightning bolts instead of attacking with his swords.

Information / Known bugs/mistakes
« on: January 30, 2015, 07:15:16 am »

Here are some information about known bugs that cannot be fixed. Also here are explanation for for some things around the campaign.

Effects disappear - Can happen in every chapter - This bug happens if there have been too many effects shown inside a chapter. So if you play too long a single chapter (many hours) this can happen. Most likely in chapters 6, 7 and 10.

News / Re: THE FINAL BATTLE! - Event
« on: January 30, 2015, 03:52:34 am »
And so shall the second livestream event start!

Yesterday I was able to finish 1-5 chapters. Today my job is to finish rest! We got a lot of people from all around world. Yesterday was a success!


News / Re: THE FINAL BATTLE! - Event
« on: January 29, 2015, 04:06:28 pm »
Tomorrow the story continues. 12:00(+2 GMT)!

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