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Idea Factory / Re: Agility
« on: November 16, 2010, 06:57:46 pm »
Critical Strike.

Now combat kings look like this:

1.  [0,0] Combat King - Force Blow
2.  [1,0] Combat King - Blind
3.  [2,0] Combat King - Natural Armor
4.  [3,0] Combat King - Bounty Hunter
5.  [0,1] Combat King - Disarm
6.  [1,1] Combat King - Mute
7.  [2,1] Combat King - Counter Attack
8.  [3,1] Combat King - Magic Resistance
9.  [0,2] Combat King - Mana Breaker
10. [1,2] Combat King - Berserk
11. [2,2] Combat King - Resurrection

Bounty Hunter will be changed too...

just my idea..

Korea's famous use map setting "Chaos"
Chaos of the character "magenta"

she skill has "Thievery"
1) Description
Attack the enemy when the enemy a chance to steal the money.
In addition, two times the stamina recovery of the stolen money and have the option to reduce ranged damage.
2) Tip
Damage reduction ranged attack ground units only protect the public because of creep damage is not reduced,
nor towers reduces damage due to manual handling is not.
3) Based
Hard Skin
4)The effect of skill
Speed is increased by 50%. 20% chance every attack, wiping off 25 rounds,
two times the stamina humjin money will be recovered.
(If you do not steal this money will target) for the ranged attack damage is reduced by 50. Minimum Damage 3

how about your think? Of course Figures need slight modifications.

and I recommed this skill
this is "Bleeding"
30% chance to inflict wounds to the enemy movement speed reduced by 30%,
15 per second for 12 seconds causing the damage.

attack type Slash has this skill.. Figures need slight modifications, too.

oh.. i'm sorry This article was using Google translator, you see they can be difficult.

Difficult for a lot of ideas, writing in English is difficult to write.

Recommended if you consider yourself a good translator. :-[ :'(

/ Re: how call box...??
« on: October 15, 2010, 06:56:37 am »
ah.. my mistake...

thanks a lot :)

p.s epic boss very hard...

/ how call box...??
« on: October 13, 2010, 02:23:57 am »
hi~ I am korean player~

how call box...?? In the alpha version -p1

but..  I do not know that a beta version.

Please help me ..

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