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Finished Competitions / Re: Competition #28
« on: October 23, 2011, 08:12:18 am »
One hunded gemstones ring

This ring, said to be the most valuable thing to [enter boss name here], can store the solar energy and unleash it to devestate any opponents that dare face its owner.

Stats should be about Intelligence, mana reg, gold or luck

The active Takes 150 seconds to charge, max 5 charges, on use it Consumes all charges and has the following effects depending on the number of charges consumed.

1 Charge: Puts a DoT on the target, and makes him lose attack speed, and attack damage over the duration.

2 Charges: blinds the target, making him miss in 75% of his attacks for 5 seconds, and deals damage on the target for every attack he misses.

3 Charges: burns mana to target and deals damage equal to x2 the mana burnt.

4 Charges: makes the ground (1000 radius) from target burn, healing allies and damaging enemies for the same amout for 5 seconds.

5 Charges: Takes 3 seconds to cast: Draws all the power of the sun, so much that makes day turn to night (eclipse) and punishes the target with a bolt of divine power from the sky Dealing huge damage and leaving him unable to take any action for 2 seconds.

Also if you could take advantage of the day/night system then the ring would take 60 seconds, but would only charge while it is day. I will post if I think of anything else.

Thanks for reading me out :d


Second, more simple idea:

Gathers one charge every 60 seconds. (max = 3)

On activation, releases all charges to use the power of the sun to strike down on the enemies.

The hero channels the lack of mana and deals steals mana according to how much mana he misses xCharges (charges would be like 1 Charge = 100%, 2 charges = 150%, 3 charges = 200% mana steal).
The target is dealt damage according to how much mana is stolen from him. Additionally the power of sun flows through him and burns the ground, granting healing per sec to allies and damage per sec to enemies in a 1000 radius from target.

Finished Competitions / Re: Competition #25
« on: April 13, 2011, 09:41:39 am »

Lightning Dragon's sword.

The dragon of lightning (instert name) afraid of getting his sword stolen in the big dragon war he hide it and protected it by a row of challenges. Having been slayed into the war, his prize remains hidden for a brave warrior to find.

2 alternatives

1) Part of lightning dragon's set
2) Part of dragons set, basically i think of making, lightnings dragon sword, fire shield, ice armor etc.

It will grant 150 damage, 20% atk speed, and 20 to all stats.

Now for the effect, i have a lot of ideas, i will brainstorm them here

1) Gives every attack a 1% chance of uniting with the lightning dragon's essence, (pseudo-avatar) you will get higher attack speed and 25% lightning strike on each attack (like 25% chance of a lightning proc every time you attack) For animation, put some wings on the user, gonna be epic! :P

2) can turn the field into an electric hell, allies will be healed and opponents will be damaged over time, when the field duration ends opponents are stunned for X seconds.

as for other ideas, i may post them later.


3)attacks have a change of purging the target with pure lightning energy, removing all his buffs and destroyng X of his mana pool, dealing X*2 damage.

4) everytime the holder kills an enemy there is a chance a small dragon hitchling will be borned, the small dragon has a quite good attack (give him 150 or something) and can buff attack speed of ally units.

5) Chuck norris aura. You win. Thats it. Gratz!

6) The holder can lose 25 of his max hp/mp in order to make units in 500 AoE unable to attack. (active)

Rest after i finish my lessons >.>

Finished Competitions / Re: Competition #21
« on: January 26, 2011, 05:54:01 am »
Well, so there's an otherone, but it requires some more work:

~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IDEA ONE ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

Make 4 pillars in the corner of boss' room. Every X% hp he (the boss) loses 1 random tower gets pumped up. That could be translated with Gives positive auras to the boss, gives negative auras to the heroes.
So like, you can make 1 tower about hp rege, 1 about attack speed etc. You may not make towers but something else, i just suggest towers it is cooler :P.

The heroes can fight them, or ignore them, If the tower gets destroyed the auras it produced are swiped away. You can add visuals on it and whatnot.

Now an other one:

~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ IDEA TWO ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

The lightning Esper, (name), Has learnt to manipulate lightning in its very pure form. He throws wave of lightning (small radius) everywhere around him. (like 5 small waves.) The waves then start bouncing, if a wave touches and other an explosion is triggered.

Finished Competitions / Re: Competition #21
« on: January 25, 2011, 06:50:08 am »
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     BASIC IDEA    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thunderclouds appearing in the sky, After X second They start dropping lightnings to the position they are (you can make it so you can see clouds shadow, or a small cloud with a mark down of it)

~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now, if you wanna fit it in boss's spell arsenal you can make it like this:

Boss turns invelnerable, and clouds begin to appear, then pewpew lightnings

If you want it for a chara spell i  have 2 versions:

1) Randomly occurs (cloud / clouds appear etc)
2) Hero uses it and clouds appear consuming %mana each sec they throw lightnings

Ok, I know i am awesome :P

Finished Competitions / Re: Competition #19
« on: January 16, 2011, 05:41:43 am »
Hard one to make aero! do your best

Claws of the vampire lord

Stats: 40 damage, 20% attack speed and 5 allstats (balance it)

Unique: Everytime the Wielder attacks an enemy unit it takes away part of its soul. (aka each attack gives 1 charge, or each kill make it as you want it) At 50 (or w/e) Charges the user can Combine them with his own soul Turning him into a Deathly Ancient Creature (use illidan, vampire model or something) With chaos attack damage ( Or with increased stats) And a ranged attack (if you want)

Now the idea is awesome i know ! :D

Story: Monarchos, the vampire lord used his claws to feast on his victims. And then talk about a) it is hidden in a maze (minigame) or The miniboss found it and kept it etc

Simple Questions / Phodoms Taunt ability
« on: January 09, 2011, 04:20:33 am »
With "X armor = (Attacks*Y) the user takes in W seconds."

I mean: That phodom with taunt creeps, and he won't get instant armor But armor will Increase stacking For every attack he tanks/takes.

So what do you prefer guys? Aero told me to do this, hope I did it correct D:

Simple Questions / Re: Would you use this new Phodom's Special Ability?
« on: January 09, 2011, 03:57:35 am »
Sardanapalos' Ideas strikes yet again!

So, i will attempt to make it better.

The user provokes the opponents using a might taunt (well i suck at descriptions >.>) Which will cause all enemies in X AoE to attack the user, for Y seconds. For every attack The user Sustains he will get +Z armor. The effect stacks W times.

Ain't i great? :P

Simple Questions / Re: About the coming Interface
« on: January 09, 2011, 03:46:13 am »
Yea something like that I'll request.

You know in Wc3 UI's you can put a "backing" pic behind the inventory

And there's lotsa place there. You can put dragons, maybe a fighter, or a pic of knight's gear.

Answered: Needs improvement, But It is better than classical one already :D

Simple Questions / Re: Would you use this new Combat King?
« on: January 09, 2011, 03:41:12 am »
I would use it only 1 level, as to stun all enemies without mana (which are the majority of enemies anyway)

Ye I know, I rule !

Fradz: Third ranked dragonslayer!

Spell 1 - Sword Dance
Spell 2 - Doesn't really matter, but i picked Discharge
Spell 3 - Invisibility
Spell 4 - Flash strike or whatever
Spell 5 - Speed boost
Ultimate - Teleport strike

Now, Items i get are dps items and / or critical effect ones. I also like the combat king that stores attack

The build is the strongest In my opinion. With Adrenaline rush + items + speed boost + sword dance

You reach Full attack speed and a 1.600 damage each attack, you do about 35 attacks before effect wears off and you get 3 stored strikes. Thats more than 10k damage. And it gets better with every dps item you get. Awesome :P

-Imba damage
-With invisibility it is easy to solo chap. 2


Only the tanking thing is a con. But it can be easily solved with heavens bless/fire armor, plus frad'z hi armor, plus bonus from speed boost.

Walkthroughs & Strategies / Re: Request: Chapter 5 quiz
« on: January 08, 2011, 04:42:12 am »
That puzzle still bugs but it can be completed somehow. In the next version I'll probably change that puzzle a little bit(less annoying and bug free).

Ok. How can it it be completed then? Spoil me!

and by the way, get on msn I want to spam you more >.>

Walkthroughs & Strategies / Request: Chapter 5 quiz
« on: January 07, 2011, 05:16:07 pm »
Well, I made this thread in order to seek advice on solving Chap's 5 Quiz. I Could of solved it by myself, or at least try to, but when I get to the first power source, it spams endlessly "one of the numbers could be 0" or something like that, taking up half my screen and breaking my nerves, i tried it 2 times. It spammed always, and it wouldn't stop even if you leave the area completely.

So As i can't solve it my self, I ask for a walktrough or at least what do the hints say so that i can solve it.

P.S. if there is a way to go round this bug i will be more than pleased to know :o

Thanks, your fellow "chosen one" Andrew

Edit: Which quest is the "sword in a stone" or what is the "sword in a stone" anyway :?

Walkthroughs & Strategies / Request regarding items
« on: January 05, 2011, 04:14:08 am »
I suggest you should give the player a possibility to rebuy items like gladius and tower shield which, are obtained too early but are needed later ingame...

Actually i myself sold them, and i see how i need them for synthesis items

So make a shop for these!

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