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Idea Factory / Campaign Improvement Ideas
« on: June 04, 2013, 06:30:50 am »
Ok so this topic is for ideas to improve the campaign

So following are some things which will improve the game play imo

1. Life steal animation should be there.
2. Cinematic for the chapter 4 morality quest, i.e why phodom decides to keep the sword(may be because it was favorite of his wife or something like that)
3. More strength items should be introduced
4. Two new heal abilities for galeoth
5. Fradz one ultimate ability should be removed
6. New element based skills should be there
7. Excalibur item should be improved.
8. Animation for phodom's ''shield of fire'' is required

Lots of more things were in my mind, but now i just can't remember them.  :-\

Galeoth's Sanctuary / Re: What if?
« on: May 26, 2013, 04:14:24 am »
Sorry, I pointed out the mistake, but I didn't correct it :). You know, to use or not to use dots depends of the sentece's structure, and I won't make you type large sentences with lots of conjuctions and commas(without dots) just because it's cooler or anything like that...

The mistake that you did is the separation of the subject and the verb. I mean, look at your sentence:  "...the dart whom phodom rescued. Was not dart ..." See it? The verb (in this case, the "was") is separeted from the subject (in this case, "the dart whom phodom rescued"). You can't put commas or dots between verbs and their subjects. This is simple wrong.

I hope you understood :D.
Thanks mate  :)
Firstly i'm glad the conversation is started on the right foot.

Ancient Mob , I will eventually ask about the campaign and wc3's storyline's itself , as those are the things ANY memeber of this forum has in common.But that won't happen too soon.Right now most of the questions will be from history.

I think the system of more about you was a made with haste and it ended up not so good.So here's how/when questions will be posted:

IF a question  has answers from at least 2-3 diffrent members , and 3 days have passed since the last member answered , I will ask another one.If 3 days have passed since the last answer and only 1/no members answered , the timeline will restart(3 more days) , and it will keep starting over until there are at least 2 members(other then myself) that answered the question.

Also, not all questions will be about the "war" history.I may post questions about "what if x , was never born(x being someone who changed the world)".I intend to make this topic an interactive one , so any feedback and/or ideas are more then welcome.

Edit:Topic set sticky.
Great, but have to suggest one thing, that you just increase number of days, should ignore how many member have posted( As member may feel like posting on an question which is not currently being discussed or sometimes we may have to wait for long period because timeline is just restarting) Hope you get what i am trying to say.

Idea Factory / Re: Official Balance Thread
« on: May 26, 2013, 04:02:08 am »
I mean items I will reduce the amount items gives magic damage. For example, hmm, Gilmax will give have, hmm, 2500 Magic Damage.
hmmm & what about strength items, those are really needed.

Idea Factory / Re: Blood Magic
« on: May 25, 2013, 04:11:11 pm »
Allright I've been thinking about this and I have played enough dragon age to start a topic about it.
Blood magic should be added in the game , items or spells.Most likely for Galeoth to use them.Some things such as
Great idea !! But I wonder do we have slots for another type of spells like these...? Because we already have 9 spells on one character.

Steal 500 hp from an ally ,caster gets 750.
I think its weak, as compared to other heal skill we have & even if we make it strong, the ally from whom we are stealing hp, has to cast heal on himself. So why not he just cast heal on ally..!

For x seconds, spells cost HP instead of MP

Turn 500 hp into 1000 mp
this can't be a ability, As idk what will be the improvement of this ability over 19 levels..? & in case of item, its not much usefull as every char has heal, so I use this item I use heal & the cycle goes on...instead of this one can use amulet of mana maybe ..?

Also offensive matters:
Target  looses 1 point of mana / 5 points of his current health.
An item !

All targets in the area suffer the caster's current health as damage + magic damage.
I think its too much powerfull even for ultimate ability. As Phodom can cross 10k hp easily.

The caster creates a link between himself and the target , All damage the caster recieves , the target will recieve in a tripled ammount , however all damage the target recieves not from this spell will damage the target in an equal ammount until the link ends.(and you should be able to end it yourself.
An item !
Phodom puts all his strength to slam the ground, dealing damage and sending enemies flying. Each strike also deals damage to Phodom equal to 50% of his maximum Health. Phodom can slam for a total of 5 times.
|c00FEBA0EHotkey: D.
Type: Instant.
Cooldown: 180 seconds.
|c00E55BB0Damage Is based on Ability Level, Agility and Strength.

Still not enough?
ok so what if i use following & then i use this ultimate skill ..?
-aerial armor
-rikhano's armor
-miracle sheild ::)
<activate> the user transfers 40% of his max health into a chosen area spot. later he can return to that spot to heal himself for the same amount (ooo, quite absurd isn't it? spooky). #long cd
YES ! this can be done i think.

<activate> balances the health and mana of the user and his chosen target (so i.e. if user has 25% of max health left and target has 75% of max, both are brought to 50%). can also work both ways, so that if your target has less % health left than you, you'll actually lose out. #long cd
tb's sunder  ;)
<passive> carrier receives bonus damage the less health he has. upon healing, the bonus damage withers away into dust.
Perfect ! there should be a item like this. just like bone armor.
Active/deactive spell(like mana shield).As long as this mode is active every kill the caster makes gets him some mana while damaging him.

Single target spell(with aoe)-The target recieves a negative buff named blood curse(for about 20 seconds) while all other enemies in 500 aoe near him recieve charged blood(until  main target dies).All the targets with charged blood will attack the target with blood curse as long as he looses x health after the spell is cast.Also if one of the charged blood creatures kills(last hit) the main target , blood curse is automaticly casted on him for another 20 seconds while all alies attack him(and it goes on forever).LONG CD
i think we already have powerfull aoe spells with which can just kill all enemy in aoe, & what will be the improvement in this spell over levels? & we won't be able to use it in single battles, unlike other aoe spells, just to inflict more damage.
New abilities:

- Continuously drain mana and hp while shooting a long range (decided by aero) laser beam that deals dmg to all enemies close to the beam equals to X (fixed dmg) + % of their max hp. The hero can move and rotate to move and rotate the laser beam. This spell cant be cast if hero has less than 100hp.
similar to spining death ?

- For every X sec intervals ,up to Y sec, physical and magical dmg is increased along with hp and mp regen. The hero does not uses mana to cast spells and is immune to any attacks that stuns or knockbacks him.

- Each spell deals X% more dmg, but costs Y% more mana. Each spell casts ignores Z% of armor value and for every A attacks, there is a B% chance to increase dmg of spells by C% which lasts for D sec and can be stacked infinitely
both of them are OP ! & The char which will have these will be OP then other two, maybe these can be introduced as combat kings ? but i think there is no slot for more combat king  :-\
The problem is that currently nearly no one is even using Headbutt so I don't believe many would use abilities that has negative effects.
no no headbutt is very nice skill actually, but i think some items with these abilities can be easily exploited.

Idea Factory / Re: Black Merchants guild
« on: May 25, 2013, 12:46:04 pm »
Yes importance should be given to black merchants, but not in that way. I mean even if item set's are replaced by some other items. Its not possible to show that phodom & galeoth Are involved in such crime. As we know Galeoth, phodom are high rank dragon slayers & are part of law. Killing soldiers is not gonna work I think. so another story should be there. & also new player will in confusion as they don't know what they are goin to get in upcoming chapters, also they are gonna get reward in different chapters & we are losing lots of gold & morality, which is not good. Maybe just a book or something else will be better. But expansion of black merchant thing is must !

I don't see that the regens instead of magic resistance is a better way. It's about the same, basic stats, isn't it?
Yes its about same basic stats, but these stats are more usefull then magic resistance. I mean only bosses uses magic damage & in case health and mana regens, they can be used in conditions like against a large number of mobs, or against a boss whos spells doesn't inflict direct magic damage(summoning spells, silence e.t.c) & the improvement of spell over levels is also better as at last level the spell doubles regens. But in case of current flame barrier it just increases heal amount, which we can get from lots of other heal spells. :)

Walkthroughs & Strategies / Re: TCO Item List
« on: May 23, 2013, 07:44:42 am »
River Turtle (the one south of the inn) - Soldier's Helmet
i can't find it...can someone do a cross check..?

If you have a better idea I'm willing to change the ability.
i am not sure, but may be this will work
Increases the target's health & mana regen for 10 seconds.(at last level of spell the health & mana regen is doubled) suggesting this ability because i have not seen any mana replenishing spells

Idea Factory / Re: Official Balance Thread
« on: May 23, 2013, 05:24:53 am »
Okay, I got that the magic damage is too much and I've decided to reduce given magic damage from items by about 0% to 50%.
can you please explain more..?

Where you get it?
chapter 6 dig & its written BANNED with its name.

/ Re: The Help Masterthread
« on: May 23, 2013, 03:20:59 am »
hey guys, please tellme where is chapter 5 puzzle, i can't find it.. n btw wassup with this lvl 82 character in mystic forest..? ??? sorry i corrected it now

Off-Topic / Re: Did you know?
« on: May 23, 2013, 01:50:24 am »
Secondly, there are already many topics completly related to the campaign in another forums besides the Off-Topic. Yet, if you think something is missing, you can always create a new topic.

Thirdly, the essence of Off-Topic is: Let's NOT talk about the campaign or, at least, not in a direct way.
Yes you are right. Lets not spoil the essence of off- topic. & I'll make new topic when I'll find lots of ''did you know'' stuff from campaign.

Fourthly: A "Did you know..." about the campaign would be a spoiler thread basically. Besides, you should have, in theory, complete knowledge about everything in the campaign once it's complete. You just have to play it.

For example, "Did you know that Galeoth is gay?". Perphaps he is(not that I know), but since it's not revealed until ch. 10 we don't know. Aero would be the only one that could post also, since he's the one that knows the story. And to talk about the story of the campaign that we, the players, know it's completly unnecessary since we, in theory, should know all of it :P.
No no, its not necessary that you should have in theory, complete knowledge. about campaign, its like you can post any thing funny or strange or anything Which is not related to game play. But still you want to share it or draw attention of players on something.

For example-did you know that you can get a nice animation on your hero.

"And what about 'did you knows' that weren't shown in the campaign?" Again, only Aero would post something :P. And I think that would be really wrong :(.
What about it..? I mean All things which are not shown in the campaign are ''did you know'', as no one knows about them. & I think its good to learn about some of those things, but its not right place.

Galeoth's Sanctuary / Re: What if?
« on: May 23, 2013, 01:17:25 am »
AncientMob - That is a possibility. We can try it, but I'd like to point out two things:
1. The discussion about the last "What If..." didn't end yet...probably(perphaps almost).
Yes about that, I request blackdoom to mention a time limit with each question.
2. Though we can talk about TCO too, the Off-Topic Thread is more used to talk about things NOT related to TCO. Besides, this special sub-forum, the Galeoth's Sanctuary, tries to be a little more serious compared with other threads in general. I'm not saying that TCO can't bring a serious conversation, but it could, perphaps, generate chaos (fun and death) and perphaps it would not be something easy to discuss. I mean, a clone of Dart? I can imagine more than 20 hypothesis to explain this (if it happened), yet none are satisfying to me.
yes you are right, lets just keep off topics away from campaign. I really didn't noticed I am posting in off topic. :-[

Why a dot? Just why a dot :(?
Sorry i am habitual of using dots, is it wrong..? Anyways i'll try to avoid the unnecessary usage of dots.

Off-Topic / Re: Did you know?
« on: May 22, 2013, 03:59:02 pm »
The idea of this topic is to reveal something you haven't revealed of yourself before.

I start:

Did you know that I have met a Serbian friend in internet and he came one day to Finland and we met. We've played for many years Warcraft 3 and so we did once again at my house. He was an awesome guy and invited me to Serbian which I haven't yet done.
ok lets make topic also related to game ..? I Mean i don't see so much active members..& there are some member who just visit site for campaign related stuff. & there are some people like me who don't like to share some ''did you know'' about them.. ::)
That's why i think that campaign related ''did you know'' or ''do you knows'' should also be posted..this topic should not be restricted just to personal ''did you know''
& btw the ones who like to tell personal ''did you know'' are always welcome. So what do you think..?

Galeoth's Sanctuary / Re: What if?
« on: May 22, 2013, 03:33:51 pm »
With the birth of galeoth's sanctuary , multiple members came to talk elegantly about stuff.So I am creating a new topic - What if?
Is it necessary to ask only questions related to countries or other history topics. Because I don't see benefits of that. Instead u can Ask question related to the chosen ones. Like what if the dart whom phodom rescued. Was not dart & was a clone..? Asking random question from history will only result in tons of arguments..& some chaos may be..! Game related ''what if'' will reveal the possibilities in expansion of storyline. or improvement in current story. & will make players think about the story from various different view points rather then the only story presented by aero ! I think it'll be fun! :D

Instantly heals a targeted friendly unit and gives it 50% Magic Resistance for 10 seconds.


Instantly heals a targeted friendly unit and gives it 50% Magic Resistance for 15 seconds.

Now better?

Still has 10 second cooldown.
Imho better remove it..this ability has no unique effect. & other 3 abilities are enough. & those who din't knew about heal + items which I mentioned, will definitely try those 1st. Will not bother with this skill.

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