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Galeoth's Sanctuary / The Truth of the world
« on: June 24, 2013, 11:59:28 am »
Have you ever wondered if what you see is, in fact, the truth? I mean, what you can do to prove that what you see is the same that I see?

Too complicated? Let's use my little personal phrase: "Now, describe a spoon." as an example. A spoon, "the thing I use to dig food.", in a more complete way, "a metal(most of them) utensil(generally, silver-like) with a concave face and a handle, usually used to pick up food in a more sophisticated way(in comparison to eat with your hands that is...)". The spoon is, as we know, something like this:

Perhaps your country use chopsticks, but even so you should know what a spoon is, right :P?

Well, the image shows a spoon. However, the "spoon" I'm seeing doesn't need to be the same one as you are seeing. We just think it's a spoon because it's what people said us to believe, that this thing we're visualizing right now is the thing called a spoon.

In a more generic way, think of a color. I pick "blue". Can you define "blue"? You know that something is "blue", but you can't say "This is blue because of this and that..."(I don't want scientific explanations for this, please :P). You learned that this thing is blue, because there are other things that are similar in a way(that we call "color") and this similarity, people told you to call it "blue".

BUT perhaps "my blue" is different from "your blue". You can't define blue, and the "blue" that we know relates to the same thing, but you can't say for sure that we see the same blue.

You know "blue", but if I could see "your blue", perhaps I could see "my red". It's not a mistake from me or from you, it's just that we see different things that for us are the same since we both learned that way. "My blue" is the truth, but "your blue" is also the truth. But then, I may ask you: Is there really something in the world we can call "Undeniable Truth"?

Off-Topic / Confederation Cup
« on: June 20, 2013, 11:37:28 am »
Do you guys like soccer/football? Do you know about the Confederation Cup happening in Brazil? If you guys have some knowledge about this I'll give more details, but for now...

Things here are not good at all :) (although REVOLUTION is a little too strong)

Off-Topic / Curiosities
« on: May 15, 2013, 07:41:45 pm »
Is there a topic about this already? I couldn't find it so...I'm doing it :).

Did your ever make a discovery about something, nothing great, but that made you say "Uh, really?". Well, it's your time to share these useless(or not) and interesting(or not) discoveries with the forum. By the way, it doesn't need to be unique, nor something that no one knows, it can be even common sense, but you didn't know that until recently.


In my case, I discovered that R.I.P doesn't mean "Rest in Peace"  :(. "Requiescat in pace" is the true meaning. It's not like it's wrong since they are the same thing(the first is in english, the second is in latin), but I've got :P, that made me search for the truth. And here is the result ::).

Was it useful? No?! Who cares!

Off-Topic / Anime/Manga Thread
« on: September 26, 2012, 02:00:13 pm »
I had the idea to make this thread long ago but i had a few problems: my laziness, my schedule and...well, i was happy with the "favorite song" so i had no problems ;D.

YET i thought that i was posting almost nothing recently, so i finally gathered the courage to make my first thread :)(introduction doesn't count, neither does questionnaire). I'm a big fan of anime and such, yet i know that most of you like them(even if just a little).

Anime/Manga Thread

This is a thread made for the purpose of posting things related to Anime, Manga and anything like that. I seriously don't know how i can explain better than this, but if you didn't understand something, just ask me for a explanation.

Rules. Yes, there are some and you need to follow them. Also, all forum rules apply for this topic too.

You may:
  • Post videos, images, reviews, pictures that you've drawn, anything that is related to the topic's main theme.
  • Give your ideas and suggestions to improve this topic and to make it funnier and cooler.
  • Give your opinions. I don't know about the others, but i want your opinions about this topic, animes or anything that you think it's worthy to mention.

You may NOT:
  • Post anything not related to anime and manga.
  • Post anything that can hurt someone's feelings, even if it's related to the theme.
  • Post anything that have nudity and similars, in others words, NO HENTAI :P.

The rules may change if i feel there's something that i should add(or remove).

Now just some things that need to be mentioned:
  • If you don't know that your post is/isn't following the rules, you can always tell me what you want to post. If i think it's related enough, then no problem.
  • The worst that can happen if you post something wrong is that you post will be deleted, so don't be afraid of posting(this is not a excuse if you did it on purpose though).
  • I've already posted a lot of anime openings, OSTs... in the "favorite song". You can post openings here since it's totally related, yet i can't see a problem in posting them in "favorite song" either.
  • This is not a masterthread, yet i think if you want to post something about an anime or a manga, you don't really need to create another topic, just post it here.
  • Even with the rule of no hentai, there's a softer variation called "ecchi"(or H). The level of "echiness" is variable, so it may or may not be permitted to post.

Well, i think that's it, i've spent everything i had to create this topic(not really), so i hope you like it at least. Oh, any similarities with "other people's way to organize a topic" are just coincidence(or not [-)).

Questionnaire / Shinokyofu Questionnaire Anwers
« on: March 24, 2012, 10:05:23 am »
I thought about doing this before, but i just now i have time and inspiration to do this.

Gameplay - What do you think about the game play. For example, are the abilities, items and spells fine? Is there too much killing? Is the campaign too repetive?

The campaign IS repetive(is repetive correct?), maybe if you really want to do everything around the campaign, so you can replay it some times without getting bored. But the first time is a epic experience, the bugs are terrible, of course, but even with them the game itself is awesome. Abilities, items,etc aren't fine...they are way better than "fine", the killing is just fine, maybe in some chapter there are little killing, but it's fine.

4/5, because of the bugs and stuff, but it's really good

Terrain - What do you think about the terrain? Is it eye candy or not? What you believe is the most beautiful place and what should be improved.

Maybe you should improve chapter 3 and some parts of chapter 2, but the a overral review about the maps it's surely high, it's REALLY well made, chapter 1 and 7 maps are just awesome.


Atmosphere - What do you think about the atmosphere of the campaign? Too funny? Too sad? And does the music make the atmosphere better?

Fradz is a mode killing, but i like his funny side sometimes. The TCO atmosphere(Fradz scenes are exceptions) is a misture of epicness and sadness(because of Phodom), and in my opinion i have nothing to argue about.


Story - What do you think about the story. Is too simple or confusing? Is it mysterious and complicated enough? What is your favorite character?

Confusing, but it's because the campaign it isn't finished yet, so...nothing more to say about it, the history couldn't be better


Cinematics - What do you think about the cinematics. Tell what is the worst and the best cinematic and why.

Bests cinematics: the chapter 7 ones involving phodom "avenger side" and the encounter of Fradz and Tharo
Worst ones:The chapter 3 ones? They aren't that bad, just simple, and i really can't say there's bad ones.
I cant't think about explanations of my opinions, i just see the texts and the scene itself, so...


Bosses - What do you think about the bosses at the campaign? Are they challenging, balanced, different and unique enough? What is your faforite boss and what boss could need some improvements?

One of the best parts of the game, REALLY unique and challenging, but some bosses are kind of unbalanced, too difficult or too easy for a first gameplay.


Difficulty - What is your opinion about the difficulties. Do you think the difficulties are balanced enough or do they need improvements?

Yes, they need improvement, i've already mastered ****, and it isn't that difficult, but you'll improve them already so it's fine  :D. If you say about the difficulty in game i think it's fine.

3/5, well it could be worst, the varieties of difficuties are very useful too.

All things consired, how would you describe your playing experience at the campaign? What could be done better and what you believe doesn't anymore need attension?

Uh...well i would say if the campaign was without bugs and improved in some aspects(i won't say complete, but of course it would help) i could have a better experience, but i don't have that many complains. Something that you have to pay attention? Bugs and some items that you change and forget to correct.


Would you recommend this campaign to your friends?

No one likes buged thinks, but i think i would say something like "you guys should try it out, maybe when it gets complete", but even with bugs I would

Ps: Do I have to grade this?

Well, this is my questionaire

Introduce / Warning: I am here
« on: February 25, 2012, 08:03:32 pm »
Hey, whatsup chosen ones? I play the chosen ones since... last year? I dunno, but i registered today after giving up again. Actually i'm trying the "lives disabled" difficult, i forgot the name, and the multiboard is showing that my difficult is 00:18:04.
My name is Diego, my nick is shinokyofu(or terror of death). Why? Cause I have no imagination.
My english isn't very good(it's terrible), so if you misunderstand something, warn me. I don't like misunderstandings.

Nice to meet you all. The Chosen Ones is the best war3 Cus.Campain I have ever played (i dont have played many thought) You've done a epic job.

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