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Poll Board / What's your DREAM JOB?
« on: May 13, 2013, 10:31:25 am »
Title said. What's your DREAM JOB?
I tried to include all the typical jobs that most people want to have. I hope I didn't miss any.
I'll go Cloud Whisperer. If clouds were sentient, imagine all kinds of conversation you'll be having.

Simple Questions / Should we replace the word 'morality'?
« on: January 16, 2013, 06:28:30 am »
Another subject about which I talked with Aero recently.
I think the word 'morality' does not fit the current concept in the campaign.
Basically, 'morality' means either:
- Recognition of the distinction between good and evil or between right and wrong; respect for and obedience to the rules of right conduct; the mental disposition or characteristic of behaving in a manner intended to produce morally good results.
- A set of social rules, customs, traditions, beliefs, or practices which specify proper, acceptable forms of conduct.
I think neither of these 2 meanings truly fit the campaign concept. Aero believes otherwise.
So, we are here, awaiting the for the wisdom of the members again.

Off-Topic / MBTI
« on: January 13, 2013, 08:51:05 am »
I've previously mentioned a personality typing system thing before called the 'Four Temperaments', which I've been fond of for years.

The main 'competitor' to this concept was the 'Myers-Briggs Type Indicator', or whatever it's called, which it seems that every intellectual teenager worth their salt knows about.

I've been reading about it recently, finding out my type and all that, and it's been quite interesting!

It turns out that my type is most likely INTJ... which happens to be the second rarest type.

The descriptions of this type fits nicely for me: I'm the Systems-Builder who prefers drawing connections between abstract principles to getting his hands dirty sifting through messy reality, who can't remember things, often doesn't even notice them, until he understands a theory about what they are and how they work, but is able to understand them in depth once he has some intellectual handles with which to grasp them. And who, once he understands how they work, looks for ways to make them work better. This is hardwired into my mind at a very deep level - I can't really imagine how I would go about changing it, or what it would be like to approach the world in any other way.

I'm curious about whether anyone else knows their Myers-Briggs type thing! I imagine that at least some of you will. There are loads of websites that describe them individually in some detail, for example: [LINK] [LINK] [LINK].

Tests: [LINK] [LINK].

Site Discussion / Forced redirects for Bug, Help and Rules boards
« on: September 17, 2012, 06:01:08 am »
If you have noticed recently, Aero briefly changed the Bug and Help boards to forced redirects to their respective masterthreads. And I always reverted these changes when I found them.
And what happened next? Debate, obviously.
Aero's arguments:
- Turning the boards to forced redirects makes things easier and more simple, as you can just click the board and see the information.
My arguments:
- That will effectively render the old threads in these boards inaccessible.
- You can't make new threads in these boards, and the Bug board requires a new master thread for every new major version.
- The Bug board is also for balance. If this change is in place, then the 'balance' part will effectively become decrepit.
- Most people wouldn't mind the single click to get to the master threads.
Aero's arguments (cont.):
- He can make a new balance board.
- He can move the old threads to Hell for archive.
- He can renew the redirect about the Bugs to a new master thread for every new version.
(But I'm not sure he will bother to update it or not.)
So we're here, looking for the wisdom of the members again.

So Aero and I had a debate about this issue recently.
I said that the made-up words that he uses to name powerful items (Matta, Ziiv, Arvaveizda, Crystool, etc...) do not sound epic in any way, and we can also make unique names from normal English words, but he refuses to believe it.
- Matta vs. Armour of Divine Will/Juggernaut Plate/Armour of the Sentinel
- Quijon vs. Dragon Orb/Lifegiver
- Gagga vs. Ring of the Deceiver
- Arvaveizda vs. Golem Shell Armour/Clamshell Plate Armour/Dragon's Aegis
- Ziiv vs. Eye of the Storm
- Chillers vs. Ashen Gloves
- Haamna vs. Crystalline Flame Medallion
- Laijsla vs. Stormchaser Armour
So here we are again, calling upon the judgement of the members to help us.

Off-Topic / Favourite Song Part III
« on: September 02, 2012, 09:57:39 am »
Since Part II also reached the embedding limit, I created this topic to, well, post more songs.

Bug & Balance / 1.7k Bug Masterthread
« on: May 14, 2012, 06:20:44 pm »
For 1.7k bugs.

Questionnaire / Yggdrasill
« on: December 18, 2011, 04:07:36 am »
I felt like I should give my opinion on this.
Gameplay - What do you think about the game play. For example, are the abilities, items and spells fine? Is there too much killing? Is the campaign too repetive?
The gameplay is rather fun at first, but can easily get boring, due to the numerous Give Ups required to get everything. Stealing with Phodom and Galeoth in chapters 1, 3 and 4 is also very annoying, due to your overestimation of their Agility.
Most RPGs don't (and can't) steer from 'too much killing', so I won't talk about that.
I liked the magnificent and well-made bosses, but most of the time I can't stand the numerous bugs.
Terrain - What do you think about the terrain? Is it eye candy or not? What you believe is the most beautiful place and what should be improved.
I can't comment on this, I rarely cared about graphics in games anyway.
Atmosphere - What do you think about the atmosphere of the campaign? Too funny? Too sad? And does the music make the atmosphere better?
I've got a feeling that you're trying to mix and match both a serious story and a funny atmosphere into the game (I'm looking at you Fradz), unfortunately I don't think it's done well enough.
Story - What do you think about the story. Is too simple or confusing? Is it mysterious and complicated enough? What is your favorite character?
Won't say about this yet, due to the incomplete story.
Just a (rather) serious issue: Fradz's overt immaturity has, like, totally ruined the atmosphere and the story for me.
Cinematics - What do you think about the cinematics. Tell what is the worst and the best cinematic and why.
I almost never bothered to watch cinematics, because the dialogues drag on for far too long and need to speed up (I can comprehend all the texts in, like, 30% the time which the dialogue shows, and I actually finished my entire homework while simultaneously watching the cinematic which is shown after defeating Talloon!)
Bosses - What do you think about the bosses at the campaign? Are they challenging, balanced, different and unique enough? What is your faforite boss and what boss could need some improvements?
Most bosses were nice and at the same time different from each other, but there are, well, exceptions:
- Zombie Hax. I don't know if it's a bug or not, but his carrion swarms hit too fast and hard, even on Easy difficulty. But the worse thing is that he continuously throws it at a blazing speed, and it can kill Fradz in a few seconds, so I always had to put him out of that battle. And, despite the harrowing fight, he didn't give me any item.
- Slurgal. The boss wasn't very hard on its own, but that's not the problem. Instead, it's because Prospero, Jinx and Amaranth were too frail. I know that you're supposed to keep healing them, but this is just ridiculous, as they can't drink potions, and Shield of Fire and Prospero's heal are not enough. This makes getting the Medal of Heroism a truly harrowing experience.
- Icy Berserk Troll. Hits hard like hell, and a rather nasty stun. At first glance, it doesn't look so bad. But the worst thing about him is the Ice Stone. Stealing it from him is very difficult and life-consuming, as he has a rather high steal resistance for Galeoth, and he's ranged, not to mention the stun, which can take out a large chunk of Galeoth's health by the time he reaches the boss. And yet, you can't just ignore the Ice Stone all along - it's the component of a set required for one of the best items in the game - Dragon Buster.
- Vampire Lord. I don't think I need to say much about him - other people have done so too well.
Diffculty - What is your opinion about the difficulties. Do you think the difficulties are balanced enough or do they need improvements?
Would you recommend this campaign to your friends?
HELL NO. Simply put, it's still far too buggy to be enjoyable by the general audience.

Off-Topic / What's your temperament?
« on: October 20, 2011, 05:32:50 am »
In ancient times, people used to believe that their emotional attitudes are caused by the four humours, or bodily juices. Blood makes one cheerful and outgoing; phlegm makes one meek and submissive; black bile makes one cynical and depressive; and yellow bile makes one forceful and dominant. They believed that the balance of these four bodily juices determined the emotional attitude and outlook of a person. Of course, this idea is scientifically not correct, but the psychological concept behind it is valid and quite interesting. The four temperaments, falsely believed to be caused by the four humours, can describe the emotional attitude of a person to a limited degree of accuracy.

A Flash game developer named Pseudolonewolf wrote a thorough analysis on temperaments. He suggested that every person has two temperaments, one primary and one secondary; the primary temperament indicates the person's main outlooks, while the secondary provides additional details. The analysis can be found here:

The article is very long, so if you don't want to read the detailed explanations, I'll briefly summarise the four temperaments here:
Choleric people are dominant. They instinctively want to be in control, so they will bluntly and forcefully impose their opinions on others.
Melancholic people are reclusive. They have abnormally high standards for everything, and they shut themselves off from others because they think they aren't good enough for themselves.
Phlegmatic people are submissive. They fear displeasing others, and they always try to follow orders and seek the path of least resistance.
Sanguine people are outgoing. They enjoy socialising, and they require to be in the company of others to function properly.

As I said above, each person has two temperaments, one primary and one secondary; a single temperament is not enough to describe someone. Pseudolonewolf has a detailed description for each of the temperamental blends in his article, about halfway down the page. There are 12 possible blends.

The purpose of this thread, for those with enough attention span to read parts of the article, is for you to try to figure out your temperamental blend and post it here. Keep in mind that temperaments are not your personalities; they merely describe your emotional attitudes and outlooks. They are not temporary moods either; you may suppress or refine some of your temperamental traits, but your overall temperamental blend does not change. Also, each person has traits of all four temperaments inside him/her (I, for example, can clearly feel all four temperaments in me), but some of these traits are more pronounced than others. If you think none of the blends fit you, or all four temperaments fit you, then you might be one of the four balanced blends (C/P, P/C, M/S, S/M).

I'll start with myself. I'm quite sure that I am a melancholic/phlegmatic blend, because my overall personality fit almost everything the article says about that blend. I seek to analyse and understand everything, I am a perfectionist. I don't like to demand things from others or just walk all over them, but I will stubbornly hold my ground for something I believe to be right.

Site Discussion / The Wiki
« on: September 25, 2011, 07:58:07 am »
OK, I'm absolutely disgruntled.
Back in that old thread, Aero started a poll to see people's opinions on the wiki. Of the 11 people who voted, 9 of them were in favour of creating the wiki.
After that, I started to recruit some people to help me with it, to ensure that it wouldn't go unsupported.
However, it turned out to be a complete disaster.
Of the 3 people who agreed to help me, two disappeared after making a few edits, and the other was so limited in ability (only grammar fixes, and nothing else). Aero didn't help much. I was alone.
It's so ironic that almost everyone was in favour, yet no one helped me after that. I can't endure this anymore.
Yesterday I contacted the Wikia staff, and they said that closing a wiki is completely possible.
So, if any of you want it to remain, go there and contribute. Otherwise, I'll have to contact the Wikia staff again.

Bug & Balance / 1.6b Bug Masterthread
« on: September 04, 2011, 09:00:51 am »
A blatant clone of the help masterthread, except that this is for bugs.
Bugs I've found:
1. The Medal of Friendship still remains. Despite the fact that it's not supposed to do so anymore.
2. There are obvious errors in gem descriptions. Which are too obvious to be worth writing down here.
3. Same as 2, but for Azureus Ring instead.
4. All ch4 mini-bosses drop the items which are supposed to be stealable from them on the ground when the map initialises.
5. The armor bonus from the Adept Mage's Staff doesn't work.
6. The Widger Queen (ch1) drops the Widger Queen's Ring, which is supposed to be stealable from her, when she's killed.
7. After the Epic Boss of ch1 is killed, the texts display 'Necromancer Staff' instead of 'Master's Mage Staff'.
All bugs (except description bugs, since they're so easy to fix):
- Glacial Ricochet, Honor Shop, General's Badge and the special bonus of Adept's Mage Staff don't work.
- Glacial Armor's damage reflection doesn't work.
- The Recipe - Potion of Intellect is named incorrectly.
- All mini-bosses that drop Honor Points via triggers drop Boss Points instead.
- Life's Stone recipe doesn't consume Legendary Murloc Head.
- Glyph of Ability also grants a life.
- Combat Kings can't be transferred.
- Clicking 'Information' when talking to the Shaman makes the multiboard disappear.
- The command panel of Phodom and Galeoth is replaced by Combat Kings when a saved game is loaded.
- Life Stealer can't be synthesised.
- Most skills can't target Monsters ('Must target organic units').
- Prisoners in the Ogre Dungeon are not rescueable.
- The Widger Queen and the Assassin drop the items which are supposed to be stealable from them on the ground when they're killed.
- Steal number in the multiboard is wrong.
- The 'Elite Boss 1' counter in the multiboard does not gain its icon after the boss is killed.
- Game crashes after Ormester is slain.
- Fradz does not start the chapter with full health.
- Flowers counter does not work.
- The locations of the East and West Barbarian Merchants are switched with eachother.
- The Army Shop moves to the mountains after the boss is killed.
- The Lucky Box gives Lightning Gem instead of Exepede/Pete's Pipe even if you have 10+ Luck.
- Stealing from Noc'toriah does not work.
- Game crashes after Fradz dies to the Epic Boss' jump.
- The Ghost Shop sells Azureus Shoulders, which is supposed to be in ch4.
- Ice Bolt does not work with Icy Hades's.
- Cloak of Ice also deals damage.
- If Northrend Winds is used against the Icy Berserk Troll, it freezes Galeoth. Probably caused by an ability that the troll uses when Galeoth is channelling.
- All mini-bosses drop the items supposed to be stealable from them on the ground when the map initialises.
- Impact Flare does not work on Monsters.
- The Black Merchant says that he sells the Cuirass of Sunrise, but he actually sells the spell Charged Prism.
- Cannot steal from the King Rock Elemental ('Must target organic units').
- Everything can be killed, including synthesis shops.
- Some animations are displaying incorrectly after loading a saved game.
- Glyphs of Personalize can still be found from the Nightmare and a dig spot.
- The Teal Gates need the Yellow Key.
- The Drunken Resident talks about the Teal Key during the Yellow Key dialogue.
- Mr Skeleton can be killed during his cinematic. Sane for Zarxof and Xada, but they also fight back.
- Zylcious, Siluze and Uummut fight Groxts during the ending.
- Xada's transformation does not occur if the cinematic is skipped (he just disappears).
- The skulls in the Xada fight sometimes just float there, and does not disappear. They also remain in the Zarxof fight, but do not work anymore.
- Nar'Shi drops the Death Spike when killed.
- The Opportunist and Death Spike can't be sold.
- The Opportunist can't be used.
- At the end of the chapter, the 'Thanks for playing 1.5 beta' thing appears, and you're returned to the menu.
- The first and last Epic Boss cinematics are mixed.
- Epic Boss only gives 3 Honor Points instead of 5.
- Damned Set and Divine Set are missing pieces.
- Master's Instruction does not work.
- It sometimes crashes during the Elementalist fight.
- The Ruy'Arvoz fight lags a lot.

/ The Help Masterthread
« on: August 29, 2011, 07:31:10 pm »
In an effort to reduce the number of threads whose title is meaningless and whose OP consists of only a question, I?m creating this little thing. An experiment of sorts.
What do you say? Guidelines, of course!
- Keep the conversation in this thread to a minimum. A single comment about a question is fine, but when it starts to become a series of quote pyramids or two people carrying a conversation by themselves, please take it to the PM's.
- Do not make threads simply to ask a question. There?s no reason to, now that this thing is in place. That?s kinda the purpose. ;)

FAQ by Doomlord

Note: Contact Doomlord if you found anything incorrectly stated here and/or contradicted to the current campaign's events. He will update this FAQ and give you some kudos :D

This is a collection of all the questions frequently asked by members.
*Project re-opened and expansion is underway. Last updated: September 9, 2012*
  • Q: I started playing and I don't see Phodom. What to do?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I use my old savegames with the new game version ?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: When I finished loading the maps for the first time the screen turns black and a message 'Loading data' is displayed for a really long time. Can I still play the campaign ? Is the waiting time long because of my PC's performance?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I solve the Obelisk Puzzle in chapter 2 ?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I solve Ghost Puzzle in chapter 3?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I obtain Omega Orb in chapter 3?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I navigate the Epic Boss Cave Maze in chapter 4 ?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I finish the Strange Stone Quest in chapter 4 / How to find Mielipuoli?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: I can't see anything at chapter 5! What to do?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I find Ghost Wolf in chapter 5?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I solve the Deathless Puzzle in chapter 6?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I find chapter 6 Epic Boss, Jurxy?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I find chapter 6 Elite Boss, Faerga ?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I solve the Nightmare Puzzle in chapter 6?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I optain Shard of Shadows in chapter 6?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I defeat Ruy'Arvoz in chapter 7?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I find chapter 7 Epic Boss, Siluze?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I find chapter 8 Epic Boss, Zhitenxa?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I solve Crystal Golem Puzzle in chapter 8?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I find Tazefda in chapter 8?
    Spoiler (hover to show)
  • Q: How can I find Behemoth in chapter 8?
    Spoiler (hover to show)

Off-Topic / The Chosen Ones Spelling Bee #2
« on: May 26, 2011, 02:50:16 am »
This site is pretty boring at the moment due to that supremely long chapter 7 which delayed the release of newer versions. From my observation, not many people had been visiting the forum. The OP of the old Spelling Bee thread is not active anymore, and everyone has probably forgotten about it.
Thus, I'm creating a new Spelling Bee to make this site not THAT boring.

Here is what you should do:
Write a character's name or anything related to TCO (items, spells, characters, enemies, etc...) starting with the last letter of the previous person's word.

I'll start first. My word is The Chosen Ones.
The next person has to start with the letter S.
Additional rules:
1. Do not repeat names.
2. Before posting, look at the words that haven't been not updated in this post yet. If any of them are invalid/repeated, ignore them (and all subsequent words replied to them) and post another word. If you reply to them, your word is to be discarded.
Person A writes 'Phodom'. Person B then writes an invalid word that start with M. Person C should ignore the word of person B and write another word starting with M. If person C writes a word that starts with the last letter of person B's word (and not M), person C's word will be discarded.
3. Before replying, check the spelling mistakes of the previous people.
4. Please give an explanation of the word you're writing (except for the obvious ones like Galeoth, Phodom, Elite Boss, etc...)

I'll write the list down here:
1. The Chosen Ones
2. Shard of Shadows
3. Scythe of Annihilation
4. Nyrxz
5. Zylcious
6. Siluze
7. Energy Ball
8. Lavareon
9. Nature Shield
10. Dark Messiah
11. Hekhar
12. Ring of Shadows
13. Saoloth
14. Holy Seal
15. Lightning Set
16. Terdoom Castle
17. Esper
18. Ragnarok
19. King of Balgaron
20. Nether Staff
21. Frozen Storm
22. Mister Skeleton
23. Nar'Shi
24. Impale
25. Elixir
26. Restorative Pentagram
27. Magic Orb
28. Blood Price
29. Elexorien (I)
30. Necromancer Staff
31. Fradz
32. Zwill Blade
33. Enthan
34. Northrend Winds
35. Sargatanas
36. Sack of Endless Food
37. Damned Set
38. Turtle Shell
39. Lightning Stone
40. Elexorien (III)
41. Noc'toriah
42. Holgro
43. Omega Weapon
44. Nova Impaler
45. Ruby
46. Ying
47. Groxts
48. Skull Shield
49. Decimation
50. Nhutzi
51. Ice Impale
52. Excalibur
53. Ruby Axe
54. Even The Most Clever Can Fail
55. Lightning Elemental Rune
56. Electro Boots
57. Siphon Life
58. Exepede
59. Elder Golem
60. Magma Cloak
61. Kaza Leader
62. Ruy'Arvoz
63. Zeemnan

Idea Factory / Flowers
« on: May 17, 2011, 02:14:46 am »
OK, a suggestion about flowers.
There are 7 types of flowers. And they take up 7 valuable spaces.
My suggestion is to make them into power-ups that when picked up, will add 1 to that respective flower's counter (e.g. when you pick up a Riflo, it would increase the 'Riflos' counter in the multiboard by 1).
Some reasons to add this:
- It saves 7 slots for you.
- It makes the Flowers counter easier to fix.
- It prevents the cheap strategy of selling flowers to get lots of money.
What do you think about this, Aero?

Bug & Balance / Official Bug Thread for 1.5d
« on: March 26, 2011, 11:15:05 pm »
Post 1.5d bugs here.
Not sure if this is a bug... I defeated Anthanex in chapter 3 in 1.5. I started chapter 4 in 1.5c and can't use him.

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