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News / It's been awhile
« on: December 21, 2017, 09:01:46 am »
Hello hello and hello,

It's been awhile. I released the latest version almost three years ago, just when I moved to a house with a friend. The last three years I've had endless parties, but also I've been writing the book. I guess that's some kind of event in life before hitting 30 and things go more silent. Well, now this part of my life is coming to an end as I'm moving to live alone and the book is nearly finished. Now it's just some feedback, fixing grammar then then I go to publisher. Exactly same problem occurred with The Chosen Ones: the project became too big.

About The Chosen Ones, I don't know. I had a little itch I could do version 1.1. Fix few things and so on... but I want to see more Youtube / livestream videos about the campaign! It's so enjoyable to watch someone playing it. Perhaps... Perhaps someone plays, I comment and fix the campaign same time?

EDIT: I could actually make for someone a special version before to fix the most important bugs before livestreaming / making videos.

News / We've moved/help needed for a new version
« on: August 19, 2015, 04:42:24 am »
Here we are: free and wild. Yippii!

Doesn't mean I might update the campaign someday.

Can someone create one huge bug/balance topic? Everything gathered to one place so it's easier for me to fix some bugs.


News / Some news
« on: June 07, 2015, 04:54:45 pm »

Today I paid some money that the website will run two more months. Also I have moved a lot of the stuff from "Walkthroughs & Strategies" to Hive.

If you think some other stuff should be sent to Hive tell right here - or just do it yourself. This website will eventually be shut down as I'm not willing to pay 5/month rest of my life(well maybe if I win in a lottery or something). It's a shame that we'll lose most of our history but let's take the most important things from here to Hive which will definitely last far longer. It is after all the biggest Warcraft 3 Website.

Even if the project is done, there are some bugs(and yes yes some slots left for new abilities). To be honest, I have not read any bugs after I created 1.0 version(actually if I'm 100% honest I'm scared(actually if I'm 110% honest I haven't even read post anywhere because I'm super scared)). I have been just focusing on the book which have progressed very well - almost everyday I have been planning and writing it.

Also I got now plenty of time as it's summer once again... So if someone is willing to make one hell of a big bug / improvement list I will use one week of my summer to create 1.1 version.

News / Donations needed to run the website
« on: March 19, 2015, 09:58:45 am »
Hello everyone,

I quickly need donations to keep the website running. It costs 5$ per month and we already owe the host 3.21$. We need at least 10 to keep the website running for this and next month.

If someone knows another solution (for example move the site to somewhere where it can run free) that would be very nice. I really don't want to see all the resources we have done to disappear. In other hand I'm not willing to pay rest of my life this website. So we have a problem.
(link to my paypal which I have only used to pay for the website)

Original topic:

News / Last words
« on: February 23, 2015, 02:00:32 pm »

Hello everyone,

So it seems like we have finally come to end of the tunnel. The journey has ended and the campaign is done. I thank each and everyone who have helped at least a little bit.

I remember the countless hours travelling to school thinking about about the campaign. Many ideas from item, spells, game mechanics all the way to story twists came to my mind. Even today I still have my notebook always with me if new ideas come to my mind. Nowadays the ideas are just about the book I'm writing. If you see a man with a pen and papper you know he's Aero.

While I have been creating the campaign I have learnt many important things. Probably the best thing is to take criticsm well. Also I believe life shouldn't be taken too seriously. Smile, laugh and just have fun.

I will always remember this project and those who I worked with. It was one part of my life and it gives me shivers to think what I have gone through. I have became an adult while creating this campaign. This really have been such a long project.

I still may come to update the campaign time to time if there are bugs that should be fixed.

And here's a little fun speech for you:

Spoiler (hover to show)

So it's up you now, Gheiz.

News / Version Beta 2.1e to Full version 1.0
« on: February 23, 2015, 09:15:54 am »
Version Beta 2.1e to 1.0

- Following abilities/spells has been made stronger: Power Orbs and Crystal Field
- Following items has been made stronger: Magic Orbs, Azureus Set, Reaper's Scythe, Orichalon and Sargatanas
- New items: Speedy Gloves
- New commands: - illu (disables illusions from the game: can prevent lag)
- Closed campaign chapters
- Added to epilogue when "Good", "Bad" and "Secret" cinematic starts
- Fixed some problems and leaks from chapter 10 Monstrosities
- Many fixes all around the campaign


- This version now should have everything
- Minor versions still can come if problematic bugs are found
- I couldn't find out how to fix "Box Aura" bug (not a major bug, if bug at all)
- I forgot to add "Did you know?" texts


News / Version 2.1e
« on: February 03, 2015, 08:02:47 am »
Version 2.1d to 2.1e

- Chapter 6 Epic Boss remade
- Chapter 9 Boss should be now easier
- Further made Elementals stronger and fixed some problems with them
- Fixed Phodom Combat King load bug at chapter 7
- Fixed Phoenix Combo at chapter 8(was one of the weirdest bugs I've seen so far)
- Fixed epilogue load: now it can show good and secret ending (before just bad ending)
- And many other bug fixes around the campaign once again

Information / Known bugs/mistakes
« on: January 30, 2015, 07:15:16 am »

Here are some information about known bugs that cannot be fixed. Also here are explanation for for some things around the campaign.

Effects disappear - Can happen in every chapter - This bug happens if there have been too many effects shown inside a chapter. So if you play too long a single chapter (many hours) this can happen. Most likely in chapters 6, 7 and 10.

News / THE FINAL BATTLE! - Event
« on: January 27, 2015, 04:37:32 am »
"A play lasts only a night, and yet that one night can live forever in the minds of the viewers, becoming a legend, perhaps a myth that can live through the test of time - in the form of a beautiful event"

Day after tomorrow, Thursday and next Friday(29-30.1) I will be livestreaming one last time the campaign. I will play it from prologue to epilogue. The event starts 12:00(+2 GMT) and ends when we feel like it.

Join to this event - as it will be the last time. The 8 year long journey is about to end and I... I want you to be there too. After this event I will fix one more time the campaign and create the final version.

General Discussion / Auction House bugs
« on: January 12, 2015, 10:24:59 am »

Post to here all possible Auction Hall bugs. Explain clearly what's going on with the bug(how, when, what...).Then I send the messages to the creator (Maker) and perhaps one day he will fix the system. I cannot do it as I only create maps with GUI and this system is created with JASS.

News / Version 2.1, 2.1a, 2.1b, 2.1c, 2.1d
« on: January 08, 2015, 06:22:31 pm »
Version 2.1c to 2.1d

- Fixed high damage bug
- Fixed chapter 3 shop
- Rebalanced Magic Torment
- Fixed Impale damage
- Now you can buy lives at chapter 10
- Totally removed Mana Regen from Chapter 10 Epic Boss
- Now Zylcious won't steal any "Myth" items
- Some other fixes to Epic Boss from chapter 10
- Now Elements+Soul Burn Summon gains extra stats based on chapter starting from 5: 500/1000/1500/2500/4000/6000 Health + 50/100/150/250/400/600 Attack Damage
- And some other fixes

Version 2.1b to 2.1c

- After Chapter 10 Epic Boss, stolen items are given back to the player
- Fixed Chapter 9 Spell Book load

Version 2.1a to 2.1b

- Addes Easter Eggs to rest of the chapters
- Removed chapter 10, Epic Boss, Phase 4, Mana Regen
- Now Epic Boss of Chapter 10 will remove items from a single Hero instead of all


- Now the campaign should have everything it can offer
- I will wait some time for more bugs before I do 1.0 which should be the last version
- The full version will close all chapters expect prologue, so prepare to that by having a "Give Up" or "Game End" save

Version 2.1 to 2.1a

- Chapter 10 Epic Boss re-opened
- Fixed ingame save/load combat king bug in chapter 10
- Small fixes to epilogue

Version 2.0b to 2.1

- Epilogue released(after chapter is finished)
- Chapter 10 Epic Boss released
- New system! Heroic Achievements
- Interlude 4 released
- Interlude 5 released
- Interlude 6 released
- Interlude 7 released
- Interlude 8 released
- Interlude 9 released
- Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 6 Easter Eggs added to the game
- A lot of bug fixes you guys have provided last couple of weeks


- This is the second last major version
- I fixed bugs 12 hours row, then I just gave up so some bugs of chapter 8 and 9 are not fixed(for example Yurgimar battle was not changed at all)
- Soon I will play the campaign from Prologue to Epilogue while live streaming, join!


Site Discussion / New board added: "Heroic Achievements"
« on: January 05, 2015, 05:23:24 am »
A new board has been added: "Heroic Achievements". Go and post there your great deeds!

News / Coming Event
« on: January 04, 2015, 03:29:15 pm »

Within a week comes the next major version which includes chapter 10 Epic Boss and Epilogue. After that I will play the campaign from prologue to epilogue in a Live Stream. While streaming you can talk with me and other players. The video will be recorded and can be seen later time also. Most likely it will take two 10 hour events.

After the event is finished I release 1.0 version - and that will be the end of the road.

Any requests for that event?

Hell / Magic Orbs
« on: January 04, 2015, 12:35:57 pm »

Another simple walkthrough created by request.

- Lesser Magic Ball: 50 damage
- Greater Magic Ball: 300 damage
      -> Needs 5x Lesser to be created
- Greatest Magic Ball: 8,000 damage
      -> Needs 8x Greater to be created

===   CHAPTER 1   ===

- Lesser Magic Ball: DIG 6
- Lesser Magic Ball: Talk Sir Richard(after first quest completed)
- Lesser Magic Ball: Defeat: Wuzz Shaman
- Lesser Magic Ball: Steal: BOSS


===   CHAPTER 2   ===

- Lesser Magic Ball: DIG 1
- Lesser Magic Ball: Fallen Magician
- Lesser Magic Ball: ??
- Lesser Magic Ball: ??


===   CHAPTER 3   ===

- Lesser Magic Ball Epic Boss Puzzle 2
- Greater Magic Ball: Ghosts 1


===   CHAPTER 4   ===

- Lesser Magic Ball: DIG: 4
- Lesser Magic Ball: DIG: 5
- Lesser Magic Ball: TALK: KASVATI
- Lesser Magic Ball: ??

   -> MAGIC ORB CAMPAIGN: 4 + 4 = 8

===   CHAPTER 5   ===

- Lesser Magic Ball: Talk To two times Lavareon
- Lesser Magic Ball: DIG 1
- Lesser Magic Ball: OQ5(if William is chosen)
- Greater Magic Ball: Anatholo's Trategy

   -> MAGIC ORB CAMPAIGN: 4 + 8 + 8 = 20 (1000 Magic Damage)

===   CHAPTER 6   ===

- Lesser Magic Ball: DIG 4
- Lesser Magic Ball: Kill Demoness Warlord
- Lesser Magic Ball: Kill Demoness Warlord
- Lesser Magic Ball: Kill Demoness Warlord
- Lesser Magic Ball: Kill Demoness Warlord
- Lesser Magic Ball: Kill Demoness Warlord

   -> MAGIC ORB CAMPAIGN: 6 + 20 + 6 = 32 (1500 Magic Damage)

===   CHAPTER 7   ===

- Lesser Magic Ball: DIG 6
- Lesser Magic Ball: DIG 10
- Lesser Magic Ball: Alchemist
- Lesser Magic Ball: Ruy'Arvoz portal (4x)

   -> MAGIC ORB CAMPAIGN: 32 + 7 = 39 (2400 Magic Damage)

===   CHAPTER 8   ===

- Lesser Magic Ball: Troll Elite Boss Floating Text Reward
- Lesser Magic Ball: Troll Elite Boss Floating Text Reward
- Lesser Magic Ball: DIG 4
- Lesser Magic Ball: DIG 8
- Greater Magic Ball: Talk to troll shaman after defeating Elemental Golem

   -> MAGIC ORB CAMPAIGN: 39 + 9 = 48 (3000 Magic Damage)

===   CHAPTER 9   ===

- Greater Magic Ball: BUY: Igit (1x)
- Lesser Magic Ball: 4x lesser, 1 greater Crystal Place

   -> MAGIC ORB CAMPAIGN: 48 + 14 = 62 (3600 Magic Damage)

===   CHAPTER 10   ===

- Greater Magic Ball: DIG 9
- Greater Magic Ball: BUY, TIE
- Greater Magic Ball: FIND, Libary
- Greater Magic Ball: FIND, Libary

   -> MAGIC ORB CAMPAIGN: 62 + 20 = 82 (4800 Magic Damage)

Heroic Achievements / Show your Heroes!
« on: December 30, 2014, 09:20:48 am »
In this thread, show how pictures of how strong heroes you have!

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