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Title: Competition #16
Post by: Aeroblyctos on October 28, 2010, 01:05:26 am
Competition Idea

This competition's idea is pick a boss from the list under and create a tactical special boss spell for it.


- Make it sure player is able to evade the spell or end it somehow.

Elite & Epic Bosses:

Warrior = Strength based boss
Mage = Intelligence based boss

Elite 1: Warrior + No Element + Murloc
Epic 1: Mage + Fire + Orc
Elite 1: Mage + Lightning + Undead
Epic 2: Warrior + No element + Demon/Monster
Elite 3: Warrior + Ice + Esper
Epic 3: Warrior + Darkness + Monster
Elite 4: Warrior + Light + Treant
Epic 4: Mage + All elements + Spirit
Elite 5: Mage + Wind + Human
Epic 6: All classes + Darkness + Human/Monster
Elite 6: Mage + Fire + Esper
Epic 6: Mage + Darkness + Skeleton
Elite 7: Mage + Light + Esper
Epic 7: Warrior + Darkness + Demon
Elite 8: Warrior/mage + Lightning + Esper
Epic 8: Warrior + Darkness + Human
Elite 9: Mage + Darkness + Human
Epic 9: Warrior/Mage + Darkness + Dragon
Elite 10: Warrior + Darkness + Esper
Epic 10: Warrior/Mage + Ice + Dragon
Elite 11: Warrior + Light + Human
Epic 11: Warrior/mage + Darkness + Dragon

Competition Rules

- The idea have to be yours.
- You can make unlimited amount of entries.
- I will have all the rights to edit the rules all the time(I will do it correctly and I will be fair for everyone).

Competition Prizes

The winner of this competition will have his/her name to Hall Of Fame(which I will improve time to time). Also, your ability idea will be created to the campaign(if it's good enough).


I'm the only one who will judge the winner of the competition. I will judge all entries. The amount of entries you post will not decrease your chance to win in any way. However, if there are a lot of entries or horrible entries, I'll have the right to kick some of them away in order to make the final judge easier for me.


The competition begins immediately and conclude 4/11/10.

Final Words

Good luck, may the best idea win. If you have questions, ask.
Title: Re: Competition #16
Post by: Aeroblyctos on November 02, 2010, 02:42:07 pm
Site is pretty dead at the moment so I'll close this one. I will judge that other contest when I'm actually going to put some new bonus packs at the beginning of the campaign.

New contests will arrive when the site becomes active again and got some nice ideas for the future competitions.