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Title: Some bugs in version 1.0
Post by: yacawudi798 on March 23, 2018, 09:38:44 am
Sorry about that I didn't shoot the screen. First one is if you have stack things on your box, if you used the hot keyboard to swap items with champion, the stack will become 1 which feel so bad if you have 8 greater magic balls and made this mistakes. Second one is If you pick Fradz's passive that is the lighting balls around you, sorry I forgot the name of it, and if you use Fradz to bid for items in auction market, once you go bid you can not going out again, you press ESC and you will join the auction again and again, I don't know if the passive problem, because IF I choose another passive ability, this problem will not show up. Btw, I wondering how to accept the optional quest in chapter 8 about finding the Tazefda, because I check out the invisible wall next to the ice plaza teleport and nothing happen.(I already kill any monsters and finish any other optional quest, so Tazefda and the epic boss is the only left) Thank you for helping me this out so much.
Title: Re: Some bugs in version 1.0
Post by: Istaryu on July 29, 2018, 10:31:41 pm
Is the magic ball stacking bug never gonna be fixed? It is a really huge bug, and i guess it takes like 2 minutes to fix it.