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Title: Weekly Progress #3
Post by: Aeroblyctos on October 13, 2014, 01:49:08 am

Another topic about the progress.

Good news:

- There's not much brainstorming left: interludes and last cinematic of epic boss
- Testing has gone pretty well so far, many things are almost ready
- Only this month left and the job ends; then I have a lot of free which I will need to finish the campaign, I believe within two months I will finish the campaign, but I have said that many times before

Bad news:

- I have had problems with my motivation: after the workday I nowadays more easily simply go play or watch TV series instead of finishing TCO
- There are still some things I haven't yet started, and those need a lot of time to create and test
- There are still some basic things that doesn't work and with these I need coding help
- Epic Boss request hasn't go well and most likely I have to edit the dialogue of the boss because I won't get he models I need, or I could try again find good models from Hive
- I have to remake some part of Elite Boss as I'm not satisfied of the current one; I want it more dynamic instead of long spell events

After all I have been doing the campaign everyday so this is going forward.
Title: Re: Weekly Progress #3
Post by: AdmOrian on October 17, 2014, 05:23:35 pm
Awesome! I'm glad to hear it's still going forward :D!

Sorry your running into snags and that motivation is a little hit and miss right now, but I want you to know you are doing a great job :)!! Keep it up, soon you will have completed an enormous project with tons of complexity a true feat of strength! Sticking with it hasn't been easy but you have, and very soon you'll have made it :D Good luck on the final stretch I'm rooting for you and always impressed by your tenacity :)! Go Aero!!