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Title: Onward, onward towords destruction!
Post by: Blackdoom59 on July 02, 2013, 03:41:31 pm
So in the short 2-3 years that I've been on this forum I got to know aero , the main admin and the maker of this wonderful campaign. I called aero greedy , people said he's just stubborn. I get his life is hard , that he has no money , time , motivation , guts to continue this campaign. I understand that. I get that he asks for donations , people who got money to spare should donate them if they truly support him.

But let's be honest , this forum dosen't have more then 15 active members. And how much money does aero demand for a full campaign that he said countless times in the past he will finnish under ANY circumstances?
Basic math:
3285(i was in a hurry when I calculated so I may have gotten it wrong) US dollars.

3285 $ - a full wc3 campaign
460$ - Assassins creed 4 + Playstation 4

Ain't greedy eh?This is a dead forum , with a corrupt leader, selling a mod for a dead game with a price that will make you wanna die.
Title: Re: Onward, onward towords destruction!
Post by: Shinokyofu on July 02, 2013, 04:33:50 pm
It's expensive! Okay, but you should remember the differences about these two examples you give. I mean, I think you know it...Perhaps if you could compare another war3 related map/campaign (uh...DotA?), it would make more sense.

460$ - Assassins creed 4 + Playstation 4

...  :'(

And, yes, I agree that a not-exactly complete campaign with a dead forum isn't appealing at all. Also, those prices are scary as hell in every way you see them .

But, even it's not normal, I know some reasons that could "excuse" (not explain, there's no explanation...well, greedy perhaps...) the prices.

1. Despair :P.
2. Lack of donators (consumers), that contribute to the raise of ANY kind of price.
3. Inexperience :P.
4. A few minor excuses such as "not a must for the campaign" just "extras" or something like that. It's like giving free food, a very good, but spicy food and then sell water for $10 a cup or something...There would be the people who would die from spiciness overdose rather than buying the water, but others would buy it.
Title: Re: Onward, onward towords destruction!
Post by: Flecky on July 03, 2013, 10:30:00 am
Exactly Black, if I can make a choice between two pay-to-play games, I'll rather pick the one that gives more features per $ spent.

Tbh I'm only here anymore because of you two - I've mostly moved to Hive now and if you two did I wouldn't come back here anymore. This place is just so dead and predictions promise no better.
Title: Re: Onward, onward towords destruction!
Post by: Goide on July 04, 2013, 09:50:00 pm
...This place is just so dead and predictions promise no better.

It depends...if Aero is somehow sucessful with his book and other "TCO products"...

About the "prices"... I would take them out if I were Aero. They are not a good thing to be shown. Just announce that with some good donations you will make the rest of the campaign. If the donations are good(nothing like a certain price), the motivation rises and you start doing the promises. Of course, you could always have the fixed expensive prices in your mind without telling people. Not a good thing to do though...

The amount of money is just ridiculous, and surely make people think that, even if they donate, there won't have anything new in the campaign anytime soon, because they know the donations are not steady, nor good enough, and the prices are just too big.
Title: Re: Onward, onward towords destruction!
Post by: Aeroblyctos on July 08, 2013, 05:51:49 am
That's pretty much reason why I'm moving from Warcraft III to books so that I can continue doing the story I so much love.

My idea is that when the first book is done I come here finish the campaign and check out the donation section and then finish all the things that has been fulfilled. Some of those are pretty important for later story and are definitely linked to the book stories(for example chapter 10 Elite and Epic).

Maybe people start to look differently the whole campaign after reading a book or another of mine and then people will more happily donate just to finish the campaign. Or maybe not, we'll see. I will continue the story, no matter what.
Title: Re: Onward, onward towords destruction!
Post by: Fishfoot on July 28, 2013, 10:25:18 pm
3285 $ - a full wc3 campaign
460$ - Assassins creed 4 + Playstation 4

There are 3 VERY MAJOR things wrong with this comparison.

#1: $3,285 is the budget price for making the "full" campaign of TCO(which is entirely optional I should add).
I can assure you that AC4's budget will be well beyond $460(AC1 & AC2's budget were around $22 million EACH, iirc). $460 is the price which will allow you access to the game(this is a mandatory payment, by the way, unlike the "price" for TCO which will always be free for anyone who has WC3:TFT[$20 total for base and xpansion on the Blizzard store right now]).

#2: $460 will be the total price an INDIVIDUAL person pays to be able to play AC4 on the PS4.
$3,285 would be the accumulated amount of money by several payments from MULTIPLE people. No one person needs to pay the complete amount to open up all the content. For example:
If 100 people donated $33 each, ALL of the additional content would be available to EVERYONE(even those who don't pay).

#3: I've said this before already, but...    It. Is. Optional!!

As unlikely as it already is for a large amount of people to decide to donate, it'll be even less so for those that read the OP which will only hinder the chance of any additional content being added to the mod.
I do think, though, that the cost requirement for many of the features should be dropped quite a bit. It'll be less scary to potential donors if the goals are more easily attainable.

Also, Aero...

Relying on your book to sell is extremely risky, especially if you lack the resources to market it to the public. They won't buy your book if they don't know it exists. I'm hoping you saved some money to put into advertising your book because going by word of mouth alone is a very unreliable way of getting your product out to the public. As a note to anyone who reads this: ALWAYS have a reliable source of income.

I will tell you, Aero, something that a "wise sage" had said before in the event that your book's publicity is struggling: "Advertise like shameless whores." Not literally like a ****, of course. Just market your book to the point that your dignity is hanging by a thread. Hopefully, though, it won't come to that.  :P
Title: Re: Onward, onward towords destruction!
Post by: Shinokyofu on July 29, 2013, 09:06:36 am
1. Agree
2. Agree
3. Agree, but exactly because it's optional and "kind of minor" thing, the prices shouldn't be that big (well, you already said this in another way...)

While I agree that it's risky to rely on a book, I can say that if it get known, it'll probably be okay. Well, the big problems is exactly turning it to be known by the people. Aero's ability to write is also another factor that can be dangerous. He can't rely only on his story (that is the strong point of the book in my opinion).