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Title: BB Codes Tutorial
Post by: Blackdoom59 on March 08, 2013, 09:57:12 am
The right way to use BB Codes

Hello fellow forum members!This is for all of you newcomers out there.Some are new the the universal usage of BB Codes and some are new just to this site's proper use of them.This guide will hopefully show you how to properly use every single tool in the basket.If you master the BB_Codes people will respect you and will think that you are one elegant fellow.Ballin

This is how the casket looks like:


The first thing to see here is the subject:


The subject is the name of the topic you're starting.People will see the only the name when they click a topic so make sure you write a content-wise name.


In the forum the Message Icon stays next to the name.Again , make sure the icon is chosen content-wise.There are 12 message icons available , try them out yourself.


This is the format group.B stands for bold.A bold text looks like this.To make a certain text bold just select that text and press the B button.The same will work for all the other format changing buttons.Bold is used to put the accent on word or goup of words.

I stands  for Italicized.An Italic text looks like this.Italicized can be used the same bold can be used , but also good for quotes.Example:
A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
-George Bernard Shaw

U stands for Underline.An Underlined text looks like this.Works the same way bold does.

S stands for Strikethrough.A striked text looks like this.Works to softly deleate a statement , letting the reader know what statement that was.

All of those can be used in conjunction.If you combine all four , the text will look like this


The first diagram stands for Preformatted Text.Those can be used for codes in certain programs or quotes.
is an example.

The second diagram stands for Left Align.The a left aligned text will be at the begaining of a row.The third diagram stands for Centered and the last one for RIght Align.They all the exactly what they say and you can guess the uses for those.


The font face is used to give more style to the text.Try them all out yourself.


The font size means the size of the text.Smaller fonts are used to cover a text that people can still read(through a lot of means) and bigger fonts are used to create titles and subtitles.


Change Color changes the color of the text.The colors are used to give the text more style.Try them out yourself.


The first diagram is used to insert pictures.Place the link of the picture inside the IMG brackets and it will show the full image.

The second diagram represents the hyperlink.The hyperlink is automatic on this forum. (

The third diagram represent Insert Email.The emails can be viewed with Outlook 2003/2007

The last diagram represents FTP link.The hyperlink is superior to fpt link and you should rarely use it.


The glowing G stands for glowing text.A glowing text looks like this
You will notice the glow=red.Red can be changed with any other color typed by you.You can find the available colors on the change color button.The numbers 2,300 are useless it seems.Just leave them like that.It's used the same as bold.

The D stands  for Shadow.A shadowed text looks like this.Shadow=red ,choose the color.Left/right choose in which side the shadow is.It's used the same as bold

The moving M represents the Marquee.A moving text looks like


The sup represents superscript.An example

The sub represents subscript.An example

The Tt represents teletype.An example


The first diagram represents the Insert Table
The table is the first line , tr the second line , table the 3rd.

The second diagram stands for insert code.Used to insert codes from certain programs.
Code: [Select]

The last Diagram stands for quote

How do you kill an ostrich?
You scare him on asphalt,


The unordered list(first diagram) is a great way of sharing multiple aspects/oppinions over a certain subject.Copy-paste the li  and /li if you want more components

The ordered list(2nd diagram) has mostly the same purpose with the unordered list.However it's ordered so it's usefull when there are a lot of elements

The 3rd diagram is the horizontal line , good at expressing long/important stops in a wall of text.

The nuclear diagram represents the spoiler.
Spoiler (hover to show)

Work in progress damn
Title: Re: BB Codes Tutorial
Post by: Aeroblyctos on March 08, 2013, 10:12:42 am
Oh god, this is so epic!
Title: Re: BB Codes Tutorial
Post by: Jaelbird on March 08, 2013, 10:14:57 am
have u played d2 or something or why the fap
Title: Re: BB Codes Tutorial
Post by: Aeroblyctos on March 08, 2013, 10:34:27 am
Black's favorite thing to do is... You know.
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Yeah my favorite thing is visiting your house late at night aero.
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And wanking before my eyes?
Title: Re: BB Codes Tutorial
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just finish the tutorial 4 the sake of old men