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Title: The campaign continues
Post by: Aeroblyctos on September 28, 2010, 04:11:49 am
Hello there.

Now that the new website is up one that is one more living proof that I'm still doing the campaign and planning to finish it.

About the beta versions. Every time a new chapter is opened, it means everything is done in that chapter. This means I don't have to go anymore into that chapter and create some new quests or remade Elite or Epic Boss. For example, when I release a version that opens chapter 7, it will include Elite and Epic Bosses. Also same goes for Ultimate Sets. First Ultimate Sets  will be reveleaded in chapter 5. And those sets, are really, really powerful.

Balance fixes is another thing. For example I just released Chapter 1's Elite and Epic Boss rewards are not good enough so I updated them. In the next version you'll see some differences also in chapter 1.

The only thing that Beta Versions still misses is the "Book System" that I'll add probably to the full version. What is Book System? You can find or buy books to find out more about the story and reasons why people and dragons do that and that.

Version 1.1
The next version will include chapter 2, but not the first interlude 1. I'm probably going to skip few interludes there and there and add later, because I want to finish to chapter 11 first. Interludes will however reveal many secrets, like the idea behind killing Phodom's family(it definately isn't just a little plan, there is so much story behind this).

Versions after 1.1 will every time open a new chapter, expect minor versions. So if everything goes well, at christmas most of the campaign is already done if not sooner.

Ask more info!

Title: Re: The campaign continues
Post by: st_slaughter on September 28, 2010, 06:47:50 am
Great! I'm so excited

But does beta 1.0a have chapter 2 open in it or it is just fixes to chapter 1??????

About those books, it would be nice to have some books with spells so they can tell a story and have a fighting purpose too.

I'm already looking forward to TCO 2 lol! If one day you decide to work on a new game, could it be a prequel of TCO???? I would really like to see what phodom fradz and galeoth did in theyr early days.
Title: Re: The campaign continues
Post by: Aeroblyctos on September 29, 2010, 10:00:41 am
Minor versions are like "Beta 1.0a". Major version are like "Beta 1.0". So the newest version, Beta 1.0a have just some fixes and few things more, but not chapter 2 yet.

Actually there are 4 different stories about the world of Oelivert:

1) The story of the campaign.
2) Story of a boy who's mission is to become a dragon slayer. This is even bigger story than The Chosen Ones and is happening same time, but goes later more into the future. For example, in this story the mysterious character Zeemnan is revealed and in the end the main character will fight against Axobada.
3) I was planning to do with Kitabatake a RPG at summer, but once again we failed. The story was about a man who have two minds and is calm and another time madman. In the end he is converted to a Death Knight...
4) A story about destroying the organization "Death Knights".