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Title: FAQ
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So I was thinking to create a FAQ. Maybe a moderator could help me here.


The campaign offers some resources you should keep an eye on. Gold is the most common resource that is used to buy items. Then comes Lives which allows your characters to resurrect when they die. Honor Points are used to buy Lives, Combat Kings and to improve Spell Book Spells.

Elite & Epic Bosses

The campaign has many optional bosses, but Elite and Epic Bosses are the most known. These bosses are extremely hard and if not impossible for the new players. In order to beat these bosses, you'll have to either use the Give Up function or complete the campaign to have more resources for the next time you play the campaign.


You'll start the campaign with Phodom and eventually you'll play with all the characters. As the game progresses, you'll play with all the characters together. After that, the game starts to become hectic with so many characters to control, so it's best to learn each and every one well.

Combat Kings

Combat Kings are the passive abilities that you can buy and improve. There are 11 different Combat Kings. Combat Kings are learned through magazines which can be bought with Honor Points.

Cinematic Skip

You can skip cinematics while a 3 second countdown is on at the top-right corner. Press "ESC" to skip.


Luck is used to get better items from special boxes. Every chapter has a Lucky Box that can give very powerful items and the more Luck you have, the better items you'll get.

Riddle Question

After you've completed a chapter, three questions will pop up asking questions about the last chapter you just played. If you answer correctly, you'll be rewarded handsomely.

Switching Campaign Versions

You can easily continue the campaign with a different or new version. All you need to do is to complete a chapter and finish the riddle questions, then exit the game.

Put the newest version of the campaign in the Warcraft III campaign folder and continue by selecting the next chapter you were going to progress to before you changed the versions.

You can select the next chapter you are going to progress to through the campaign select screen.

You cannot save and load with different versions inside a chapter, only at the end or by starting a new campaign playthrough.
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You've been here so long I know you've seen some questions that have been asked again and again.

Thank you.
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