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Re: Donations
« on: October 01, 2014, 12:20:26 am »
Thanks a lot man. I added you to the credits! I was just able to pay the next bill which deadline was 9.10.2014. Very barely, now I got 2 with my Paypal. You just perhaps saved the website for a few week offline time(which would've hit very bad time as the next version is so close). Your donation really helped.

I've had a lot of trouble trying to pay these bills because my visa just doesn't work and they don't take money from banks. That's why I'm so heavily depending of these donations and people who have working visa or enough money in their Paypal accounts. Also that's why the website was down for a few weeks last Summer until I found a guy who helped me.

You just saved a lot of time for me to find another guy who would've help me. So thank you for that too.
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