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Re: Why should the
« on: December 14, 2012, 02:41:16 pm »
It's easy to see when you're serious...the problem is to see when you're kidding.

So am I serious or just kidding for you? :3

Well, if i understood your post correctly(as if i did!) you're saying that there are many useless things in the forum and that the forum itself is almost useless, and it's only useful when Aero posts some news and stuff(because...well, they're about the development of the campaign). Well, it's a fact that the only topics that are kept alive are the ones that are directly(and completly) related to the campaign.

You'd not see this coming from me, but right now I think even Facebook would be more useful a place to stay at rather than this rotten hell. Here's my dramatic point; Black and hamza are gone, Aero is... well, random as he always is, Chimto disapproves of most content (that is, everything else but development) and Doom doesn't have the time. What else would you need for a sweet disaster? (Although I give Aero that randomness, within the light it's annoying but during the darkest of times here, it really pays tribute.)

About the chat...a development blog? I understand you point of view, but it sounds wrong to me. Firstly, the chat is empty(Aero doesn't count :P) most part of the time(or, at least, when i'm there ::)).

It's somewhat like this when I'm in there:

Me: How are you (insert name here)?
(Anyone else but Aero): Campaign.


PS: I read you spoiler again and...i really hope you aren't the kind of guy that likes irony(...oh, wait!)

Uh, I probably did it just for you, but I really don't know how you reacted to it.