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Re: Why should the
« on: December 14, 2012, 11:19:00 am »
It's easy to see when you're serious...the problem is to see when you're kidding. That's why i normally put "(just kidding)" when i think i'm not serious, but it does look like i am.

Well, if i understood your post correctly(as if i did!) you're saying that there are many useless things in the forum and that the forum itself is almost useless, and it's only useful when Aero posts some news and stuff(because...well, they're about the development of the campaign). Well, it's a fact that the only topics that are kept alive are the ones that are directly(and completly) related to the campaign.

About the chat...a development blog? I understand you point of view, but it sounds wrong to me. Firstly, the chat is empty(Aero doesn't count :P) most part of the time(or, at least, when i'm there ::)).

Oh, and my knowledge of BB-code was zero when i entered the forum(no kidding) and i'm still not good at it(i can use it now though).

Okay that's it.

PS: I read you spoiler again and...i really hope you aren't the kind of guy that likes irony(...oh, wait!)
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