Author Topic: Onward, onward towords destruction!  (Read 823 times)


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Re: Onward, onward towords destruction!
« on: July 04, 2013, 09:50:00 pm »
...This place is just so dead and predictions promise no better.

It depends...if Aero is somehow sucessful with his book and other "TCO products"...

About the "prices"... I would take them out if I were Aero. They are not a good thing to be shown. Just announce that with some good donations you will make the rest of the campaign. If the donations are good(nothing like a certain price), the motivation rises and you start doing the promises. Of course, you could always have the fixed expensive prices in your mind without telling people. Not a good thing to do though...

The amount of money is just ridiculous, and surely make people think that, even if they donate, there won't have anything new in the campaign anytime soon, because they know the donations are not steady, nor good enough, and the prices are just too big.
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