Author Topic: In need of total unification  (Read 1765 times)


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Re: In need of total unification
« Reply #15 on: June 07, 2013, 07:08:24 am »
Well it seems that I can't escape my former self no matter what. After spending sometime thinking I felt like what I did earlier was so childish and immature. Perhaps what was on my mind at that time was pure hate and anger bottled up after a long time and I acted on impulse. I came back early and you can say that I am not determinate at all. What can I say? It is true. I am still 17. I don't expect to be viewed as an adult after all.

Anyway, I am here now as an ordinary member. And I will not work with Aero anymore, I made up my mind on that. Only bickering awaits in the end so let's not walk that path again, right Aero?

Greetings again guys. I will be under your care once again.

P.S: Hope I am not dramatizing. Honestly speaking, the line is so friggin' thin :P

P.P.S: Feel free to flame me or something. I am missing that right now.