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Re: Be friendly
« Reply #30 on: September 07, 2012, 08:54:22 am »
But Flecky, what's wrong?

Naw? If it's about the war, well, obviously there'll be more... I'd say we have had 3 forum wars in total, so it's very likely that there'll be more.

There are the so-called fanboys(I wish you never had to come up with that name fleck)

My memory doesn't serve well enough to remember who "came up" with the word (could've been me but can't remember), I only described what it means (or at least that's how Doom made it look like).

We all like drama , we all like beeing a part of it , especially online where there are no real flashbacks.Even aero said he liked drama on forums(he will tell you the same thing , but here's a quote)

Actually I love drama in forums but this is a bit different thing when I'm the leader(need to keep things controlled).

How people react to and create drama tells others partly what they're like. It can i.e. tell you how well or horribly a person reacts to negative feedback, assuming the feedback is justifiable.