Author Topic: We've moved/help needed for a new version  (Read 930 times)


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Re: We've moved/help needed for a new version
« on: September 03, 2015, 01:36:26 pm »
The original site has now been destroyed.

I will do it, i played the Campaign last build in 1.8c and played now through the Campain 1.0 on Extreme, 2 times. But i encounter a few minor and a few major bugs in the Game.

My Plans are too start the next Playthrough on **** with loaded endgame and write every bug i could find and happened before down. I should start the Playthrough 30.08 or 1.09.2015 and it would take some time to finish.

I started the Thread in the Idea Factory ( [Bug Thread] Version 1.0 )

p.s love the Campaign and your work, played over 130h hours yet  :D

That's amazing.

I haven't been much active lately... still writing the book. I also have a job and every weekend parties, but, but but. I think I can spend some time on the forums as I have some free time occasionally when I'm at work (office job). If I visit Hive every now and then, why not here also? Yes, that's my plan. TCO will always be in my heart. It is after all one of my legacies for the world.
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