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Re: It's been awhile
« on: January 28, 2018, 07:02:55 pm »
seems like we missed each other all the time in  :/
I would loved it too chat more with you.

i uploaded 2 vids a bit ago but never saw you again xd
here ya go
if you want me too upload EVERYTHING tell me ^^

the Yurgimar vid almost half of it is just prep and the other one i uploaded a whole part of my footage
1:27:30 start the fight vs. Zylcious, i loaded a few times cuz i forgot what he did
and 3:01:50 start the fight with Xvarion

But that would be very sad too hear that you move along and let the Version 1.0 be
i know you already worked so hard and long for the game
but still i wish for a newer version with fewer bugs
and some balance changes so more abilitys are viable
that would make the game perfect.

I would like too help more but i dont know much about the WC 3 editor.
(I just know that crits worked in 1.8e, im surprised that some of the bugs are so hard too fix,
but i gues is is easier too imagine the fix than actually doing it in the editor.)

The Chosen Ones together with the Warcraft 3 Engine is just such a great game, but some of the bugs just ruin so much newcomer experience ^^
I wish you best of luck with your Books and future ; ) , maybe someday we see a *real* game (lets hope).
I played the game a few 100 hours and i will still continue playing every few years ; ).

(Someone in another forum asked if you could make the campaign open source so maybe some other people could fix some bugs themself ?
 Im pretty shure that you dont like that Idea, but it would be so great if some people fix stuff and we have a newer Version
 instead of no new Version ever. : / )

(Im sure i dont have enought money to donate for ya, but who knows what means big for ya. I really dont want you too quit now when its almost done. : / )
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