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Re: It's been awhile
« on: January 24, 2018, 12:04:53 pm »

I worked for the campaign two weeks. In that time I fixed many things, but I got stuck to some major bugs like Critical Strike... I forgot how troublesome it was to fix the game overall. So many things I already forgot and didn't know anymore how to fix. And I don't have nowadays much time to figure it all out and motivation to go different forums to ask for help. So eventually I gave up, moved on and started working on another book. This time not fantasy book. I'm still waiting for some feedback before I sent the book about this fantasy world to publisher.

So at least the story is not over, but I fear that I won't be making anymore versions of the campaign. Of course if someone gives a big donation I would work my ass of.

EDIT: But the guy who I spoke in the chat... Is it possible to see those videos you made? It is tearful in a good way to watch videos about the campaign.
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