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History, present and future
« on: January 22, 2014, 04:24:33 pm »
Hey everyone,

I haven't gave many words after I stopped doing the project before the last Summer. Since then as you may know I've been writing the book that will continue and expand the story even further. Let me say that in last half year the story has grown more than I've written last five years and that's a fact.


I started the project year 2007. I quickly completed first 9 chapters of 10. Then I decided to remake the campaign and I finished 6 chapters. Then another remake and now I've finished 9 chapters. I decided about half a year ago that I will not create the interludes but those can be easily read from here.

What happened 9 months ago?

Why I didn't finish the campaign back then? Because I simply lost motivation as I've lost many times before. Fixing endless bugs, adding new abilities and improving or adding new systems to the gameplay. Those things will eventually get boring. But as we know, there are some problems with the campaign we can never fix. I tried and I failed.

But there were also some private things too that I haven't told before. I realized I cannot forever live with my parents doing this campaign and in the meantime do some random studying without any motivation and completing them just barely. So I needed money and I put those donation things but they never really worked.

So I went to a few jobs but those didn't work either. I never got paid. So in other words I kind of got depressed. As I'm such a positive man people can't see it from outside. Even my best friends. We Finnish people are just too stupid and we don't talk about these things even to our closest ones.


Like I've said many times beofre, I am writing a book. Hell yes I am!

There are five phases. I'm now at the second phase(the longest and the hardest one). 60% completed!

1) At the first phase I simply design the book.
2) At the second phase I write the book.
3) At the third phase I check what I've written, fix grammar and write some parts I haven't yet written(skipped for some reason).
4) At the fourth phase I give the book to my friends or my family so they can read what I've done. We fix together grammar errors I haven't found yet and perhaps fix some other things. At this phase I will also start doing TCO once again. This phase can take some time because people those who help don't have all the time in the world and that's why doing TCO is using the time wisely.
5) I start to search a publisher or think about putting the story to the internet. Also here I can do TCO too or start the second book planning and writing. Well, a lot of things has been planned already for the first 5 books.

(Axobada, Yurgimar and Zeemnan all the way to other three worlds and so on.)

There's always a possibility that I can start doing TCO at any time if I feel like it.

Final words

Doing TCO and writing the book has been such a ride of joy and sadness. Nowadays I've just started to love feelings where I cry for happy and beautiful things. I just hope that I can give you something with these words and with these stories.

With joy and tears
With neverending determination and optimism
And with burning burning heart I go forward
Until there is no further to go on

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Re: History, present and future
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2014, 08:37:47 pm »
Hey Aero, I know you've been always wanting to write this book and I'm glad you made some real progress. I think people understand why you've stopped in continuing the project, it's tough. The reason you've stated is actually the reason a lot of people stopped certain projects. Certainly I think what you did with the campaign was amazing and those memories of playing that game for me was really something. It definitely wasn't for nothing even though you really didn't get any money out of it. I could see why you stopped, having no income doesn't allow for doing such things like what you were doing with the campaign. It really is a labor of love, even though you get fans who love what you do, people who like what you've made and people following you, if there's no income in it, you can't do it forever. It really only stays as a hobby or something to do in your free time. And for something like that, this project certainly breaks ground and is an amazingly accomplishment in the form it is in.

I know you'll continue working hard on the book, and I really am happy you are doing what you like. I hope it's a success and hope to one day read it whenever it comes out.
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Re: History, present and future
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2014, 12:11:34 pm »
Cool! I thought the site would be long gone for now since it took some time to me to visit it again :P. Good thing it's still running.

I'm glad for you, Aero. You know, even though I can't see your face right now, you don't look exactly sad in this post (the "Hell Yes, I am" helped a lot  :P) and that's good. Most "dead projects" leave only sadness and melancholy...  :'(

Btw, you're being a littler faster than I thought you would be in writing this book. I mean 60% complete is kind of a big deal.

Well, see you in my next visit :).

PS: Oh Yeah! I broke the curse of the 666 post!
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Re: History, present and future
« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2014, 01:07:29 pm »
You still could be sure that a lot of people were waiting for your return!
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Re: History, present and future
« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2014, 05:18:38 am »
I hope it will be better for you. For all of us. Good luck, Aero.
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Re: History, present and future
« Reply #5 on: February 28, 2014, 11:35:19 am »
I still remember the good times I've had on this forum and the joy within me as I played the game. But things don't always go as planned, and TCO took an unexpected turn. Last time I've been here, that turn was too much for me - not the fact that you were writing a book, but the fact that you were asking for money in order to continue building the campaign.

Yet your choices are your own,  Aero, and although I did not agree with all of them, I have to admit that you created something wonderful here - I played TCO 50% for the story, I have never been an achievement-**** unless I really like a game(It's not that I don't like TCO's gameplay, but I got tired of wc3's old gameplay in general).

I do support your idea of turning this into a book, which I am most likely going to read, and I wish you glory in your quest, comrade! Maybe after  the book is released, the forum will be repopulated again, and our little community might prosper once more. So take the needle out of your arm, the bottle out of your mouth(JK, lol) and go write that book!


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Re: History, present and future
« Reply #6 on: March 23, 2014, 10:29:05 am »
Thanks, man, for everything. And good luck