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Re: Coming Event
« on: January 16, 2015, 05:57:11 am »
Why does everyone these days have problems with broken internet cables? This sounds a bit unsure. We can't never trust if something is fixed or not. Also we can't be sure if your computer is able to host a stream. And finally, Livestream cannot host Warcraft 3 in fullscreen, but just windowed mode(too old game). You have to find another program if you want to play in full screen.

I would like to play my music in the event.

Anyway, let's go as you've said. Are you sure you can complete the campaign with just two days?

However, there's no really hurry. I have already moved from the game to book. So it's up to you and then 1.0 full version. Before the event I will create a minor version.
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