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Completed on Extreme!
« on: July 23, 2017, 07:53:25 pm »
First of all a big thanks to everyone involved in this project, after seeing the credits again its insane how many people contributed to this, the best wc3 custom campaign ever made.
Heres my screenshot, I tried to take one at campaign end but it wouldn't work unless I had wc3 windowed and was under 512kb, so here it is from chapter 1 straight after I finished.
One question tho, during the epilogue it says i unlocked the good ending but halfway thru it flashes in red BAD ENDING, can anyone confirm to me what the good/bad endings are?
Anyway I'm off to farm honor for extreme difficulty, not looking forward to that I still died 3-4 times on yurgimar and Zylicious a piece, tho I wasn't majorly focused on ressurect/defensive items

Much Respect
The legacy lives on

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