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Re: What if?
« Reply #15 on: May 26, 2013, 04:14:24 am »
Sorry, I pointed out the mistake, but I didn't correct it :). You know, to use or not to use dots depends of the sentece's structure, and I won't make you type large sentences with lots of conjuctions and commas(without dots) just because it's cooler or anything like that...

The mistake that you did is the separation of the subject and the verb. I mean, look at your sentence:  "...the dart whom phodom rescued. Was not dart ..." See it? The verb (in this case, the "was") is separeted from the subject (in this case, "the dart whom phodom rescued"). You can't put commas or dots between verbs and their subjects. This is simple wrong.

I hope you understood :D.
Thanks mate  :)
Firstly i'm glad the conversation is started on the right foot.

Ancient Mob , I will eventually ask about the campaign and wc3's storyline's itself , as those are the things ANY memeber of this forum has in common.But that won't happen too soon.Right now most of the questions will be from history.

I think the system of more about you was a made with haste and it ended up not so good.So here's how/when questions will be posted:

IF a question  has answers from at least 2-3 diffrent members , and 3 days have passed since the last member answered , I will ask another one.If 3 days have passed since the last answer and only 1/no members answered , the timeline will restart(3 more days) , and it will keep starting over until there are at least 2 members(other then myself) that answered the question.

Also, not all questions will be about the "war" history.I may post questions about "what if x , was never born(x being someone who changed the world)".I intend to make this topic an interactive one , so any feedback and/or ideas are more then welcome.

Edit:Topic set sticky.
Great, but have to suggest one thing, that you just increase number of days, should ignore how many member have posted( As member may feel like posting on an question which is not currently being discussed or sometimes we may have to wait for long period because timeline is just restarting) Hope you get what i am trying to say.
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Re: What if?
« Reply #16 on: June 03, 2013, 02:30:26 pm »
OK I have waited for long enaugh , and seeing how the first 2 questions were so simmilar , I am starting the last question on WW2(for a long time at least).What if Russia JOINED the axis powers forming an alliance (let's just call it SWAG, for the sake of hummor)in order to conquer the rest of the world?

I know the diffrences between Communism and Fachism , I know the reasons this didn't actually happened but if Germany was suffered a communist revolution or russia a nazist revolution , both of them would be forced to fight united.And I am curious to know what you think , do you think that SWAG could conquer the world , or that they would ultimately betray eachother.OR the world could resist this empire.

In my oppinion , SWAG would have been incredibly powerfull  from the start of the war.China and the other asian countries would be forced to join SWAG or fight both Japan and USSR.So SWAG would have conquered (more or less) Europe and Asia.Most likely the European SWAG would focus on Africa and UK while Asian SWAG would foccus on naval domminance (for a clean line to US).

If however US joined the main war sooner , there are high chances that other innactive countries would have joined also.Just Turkey alongside the arabic countries could have pushed back the SWAG from Africa.If US joined the war sooner to fight Nazi germany alongside France and Brittan , that could be a hudge advantage netted right from the start.And without Germany , the Asian SWAG could not have holded (i doubt China's army would go to europe just to liberate Germany).

Spoiler (hover to show)

In short I truly do not know what could have happened if Germany teamed up with USSR , so that's why I want more oppinions.Peace , out.


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Re: What if?
« Reply #17 on: June 03, 2013, 08:08:17 pm »
USSR = Union of Soviet SWAG Republics :D? Or it doesn't make sense :(?

I agree that the US could defeat them. Neither Japan nor the SWAG Republics could do anything to counter the extreme power of US(come on, I'm being realistic!).

YET, I'm not sure about the YOLO. I understand that the USSR (the original one, let's call them the Republics without SWAG :D) was there to avoid the situation where US conquered the world, but I think the US COULD conquer the world if they wanted it, even with the Republics without SWAG annoying it. Not anymore? I think it still can, but it would be more difficult, that's a fact.

Well, they won't do that because "World Peace" would be the last thing to exist in the world since most people wouldn't like the situation. People are powerless? Well, conspiracy is conspiracy, but they(the ones that do conspiracy ::)) can be preassured by the people if they(the people) start to think about themselves and the world(things that most people don't do these days, but the main capability of the humans is to should be at least). Ah, I'm starting to talk non-sense :P.

Oh well, basically, I think the YOLO wouldn't happen, but that US would still have the victory in the end.
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