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Re: What if?
« Reply #15 on: June 03, 2013, 08:08:17 pm »
USSR = Union of Soviet SWAG Republics :D? Or it doesn't make sense :(?

I agree that the US could defeat them. Neither Japan nor the SWAG Republics could do anything to counter the extreme power of US(come on, I'm being realistic!).

YET, I'm not sure about the YOLO. I understand that the USSR (the original one, let's call them the Republics without SWAG :D) was there to avoid the situation where US conquered the world, but I think the US COULD conquer the world if they wanted it, even with the Republics without SWAG annoying it. Not anymore? I think it still can, but it would be more difficult, that's a fact.

Well, they won't do that because "World Peace" would be the last thing to exist in the world since most people wouldn't like the situation. People are powerless? Well, conspiracy is conspiracy, but they(the ones that do conspiracy ::)) can be preassured by the people if they(the people) start to think about themselves and the world(things that most people don't do these days, but the main capability of the humans is to should be at least). Ah, I'm starting to talk non-sense :P.

Oh well, basically, I think the YOLO wouldn't happen, but that US would still have the victory in the end.
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