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Re: What if?
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Sorry, I pointed out the mistake, but I didn't correct it :). You know, to use or not to use dots depends of the sentece's structure, and I won't make you type large sentences with lots of conjuctions and commas(without dots) just because it's cooler or anything like that...

The mistake that you did is the separation of the subject and the verb. I mean, look at your sentence:  "...the dart whom phodom rescued. Was not dart ..." See it? The verb (in this case, the "was") is separeted from the subject (in this case, "the dart whom phodom rescued"). You can't put commas or dots between verbs and their subjects. This is simple wrong.

I hope you understood :D.
Thanks mate  :)
Firstly i'm glad the conversation is started on the right foot.

Ancient Mob , I will eventually ask about the campaign and wc3's storyline's itself , as those are the things ANY memeber of this forum has in common.But that won't happen too soon.Right now most of the questions will be from history.

I think the system of more about you was a made with haste and it ended up not so good.So here's how/when questions will be posted:

IF a question  has answers from at least 2-3 diffrent members , and 3 days have passed since the last member answered , I will ask another one.If 3 days have passed since the last answer and only 1/no members answered , the timeline will restart(3 more days) , and it will keep starting over until there are at least 2 members(other then myself) that answered the question.

Also, not all questions will be about the "war" history.I may post questions about "what if x , was never born(x being someone who changed the world)".I intend to make this topic an interactive one , so any feedback and/or ideas are more then welcome.

Edit:Topic set sticky.
Great, but have to suggest one thing, that you just increase number of days, should ignore how many member have posted( As member may feel like posting on an question which is not currently being discussed or sometimes we may have to wait for long period because timeline is just restarting) Hope you get what i am trying to say.
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