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Re: What if?
« on: May 22, 2013, 08:38:56 pm »
AncientMob - That is a possibility. We can try it, but I'd like to point out two things:
1. The discussion about the last "What If..." didn't end yet...probably(perphaps almost).
2. Though we can talk about TCO too, the Off-Topic Thread is more used to talk about things NOT related to TCO. Besides, this special sub-forum, the Galeoth's Sanctuary, tries to be a little more serious compared with other threads in general. I'm not saying that TCO can't bring a serious conversation, but it could, perphaps, generate chaos (fun and death) and perphaps it would not be something easy to discuss. I mean, a clone of Dart? I can imagine more than 20 hypothesis to explain this (if it happened), yet none are satisfying to me.

Besides, again, this place is for little more serious conversations (although we don't have to be dead cold of course ::)), so try to improve your text just a little, because... I seriously had some problems to understand some parts.

For example:

Instead u can Ask question related to the chosen ones. Like what if the dart whom phodom rescued. Was not dart & was a clone..? Asking random question from history will only result in tons of arguments..& some chaos may be..!

Why a dot? Just why a dot :(?

Is it necessary to ask only questions related to countries or other history topics. Because I don't see benefits of that.

More than "necessary", since historical events are the reason we are here now, and if they were different, our present would be different, I think it's good to think "what if..." about these kinds of things. So, perphaps not necessary, it's just funny. Fun is good, but too much fun can be death too, we have to be careful with that.
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