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Re: What if?
« on: May 22, 2013, 11:12:30 am »
Firstly, Russia was still not THAT strong, the problem is that it's something near impossible to go through Russia without dying in the way because of the cold(and they had a very good strategy) :P. If Russia were actually attacking the Nazi people, it would have another result.
But they did and they owned Nazi!

Russia itself owned the Nazi, not the Russian Army :P. The Nazi made the same mistake as Napoleon(besides the strategy of destroying the cities and villages that the Nazi reached used by Russia) and then they were defeated. Russia was strong inside its frontiers, but just after WW2 they would also get strong (VERY strong) outside.

Secondly, without USA, the Japan would dominate the war in that area and, let's not forget, Japan was so strong that it actually could annoy USA. The Hiroshima Rose is the result :P. Japan was almost 100% focused on the USA, so without the USA, Japan would help Germany in Europe. And THAT would be OP.
It would take too many years for Japan to win USA and even if Japan would've won I don't think Japan would've helped Germany much or if not at all. I believe in the end Germany and Japan were enemies to each other. They just had same enemies.

Firstly, we're talking about the WW2 without USA :P.

Japan has the limitation of being kind of small and in a terrible area to live or to do anything. If the japanese had the resources of USA(or even other countries such as Brazil), they would easily be the most terrible nation to buy a fight with.

But, without any hypothetical situations, yeah, I agree that Japan will never be as strong as USA, but if you think that the atomic bombs were just to end the war like a boss, you're wrong. The USA feared  Japanese people, especially because they were fearless(kamikaze) and could develop Japan into a powerful country in just some years.

And, yeah, Japan just didn't like Russia and wanted to dominate some strategic areas, so he wasn't exactly all love and fun with Germany. BUT, I ask to you to read again the bold part. Yeah, Russia would get completly owned, and it would be one less enemy to the Nazi that, again, I don't really know if would succed. Oh, and also answers this.

Russia would probably have failed without the help of the allies.
Indeed, but I believe Russian and Great Britain together with rest of the France could have won Germany in the end. USA was just a minor part here they didn't help that much.

A Russianless and USAless Allies would be SO easily defeated.
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