Author Topic: The Truth of the world  (Read 399 times)


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The Truth of the world
« on: June 24, 2013, 11:59:28 am »
Have you ever wondered if what you see is, in fact, the truth? I mean, what you can do to prove that what you see is the same that I see?

Too complicated? Let's use my little personal phrase: "Now, describe a spoon." as an example. A spoon, "the thing I use to dig food.", in a more complete way, "a metal(most of them) utensil(generally, silver-like) with a concave face and a handle, usually used to pick up food in a more sophisticated way(in comparison to eat with your hands that is...)". The spoon is, as we know, something like this:

Perhaps your country use chopsticks, but even so you should know what a spoon is, right :P?

Well, the image shows a spoon. However, the "spoon" I'm seeing doesn't need to be the same one as you are seeing. We just think it's a spoon because it's what people said us to believe, that this thing we're visualizing right now is the thing called a spoon.

In a more generic way, think of a color. I pick "blue". Can you define "blue"? You know that something is "blue", but you can't say "This is blue because of this and that..."(I don't want scientific explanations for this, please :P). You learned that this thing is blue, because there are other things that are similar in a way(that we call "color") and this similarity, people told you to call it "blue".

BUT perhaps "my blue" is different from "your blue". You can't define blue, and the "blue" that we know relates to the same thing, but you can't say for sure that we see the same blue.

You know "blue", but if I could see "your blue", perhaps I could see "my red". It's not a mistake from me or from you, it's just that we see different things that for us are the same since we both learned that way. "My blue" is the truth, but "your blue" is also the truth. But then, I may ask you: Is there really something in the world we can call "Undeniable Truth"?
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