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Re: No Better: Media and You
« on: April 22, 2013, 12:45:26 pm »
You know, I felt a great difference between the "JB" in the last topic and the "JB" in this one. Is it because we're talking in Galeoth's Sanctuary? Well, No harm meant, let's stop the off-topic now.

As a matter of content, I agree with pretty much everything you said.

I'd like to add that I agree too that anyone can be good at something and while a person can be good in a thing, some other can be good in a completly different thing. Yet, as you said, the useful abilities are those which can make money, in a way or another, and the ones that make more money are more useful. In conclusion, you can say that even if you have a unique ability, if it isn't sufficiently good to make money or something extraordinary, it'll be ignored by your parents, friends, society itself. This also limits our own potential since we think that to have a unique ability is synonym of being a genius, which is not.

I'd like to point out another thing too: education, money and media. Talking about my country, it's incredible what goes by the mind of some people. Talking about the whole, Brazil have many poor people, and, if not poor, people in a not that good condition. Since education here other than the private schools are pretty much bad, and that these people most of the times can't even get a computer, it wouldn't be weird to expect people completly(or almost) manipulated by the media. In fact, if you exclude a few exceptions, most are like this, manipulated by the media and by the politicians to do what they want(and yes, politicians are also there, to make sure that they don't receive education and, as a consequence, keep voting on them and doing what they want without questioning), but why I feel amazed(not in a good way!) is because that even some people with good or even REALLY good conditions are in the same situations. They don't question the media at all even when they are more than capable of doing so. That's also a bad side of having money. To don't have money is bad, to do have too much money is also bad. Both ways can make you dumb when it comes to thinking on your own. With little money, you can't develop your thinking, with too much money, the money thinks for you.

Perphaps what happens here happens in another places too, I don't doubt, but I can't talk about countries that I don't know, neither judge them. I can do with mine, because...well, I live here...
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