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Re: Life and Death
« on: April 16, 2013, 12:56:19 pm »
I think life is our reality. We can't deny life, and we can't say that it is some kind of illusion. It's our undeniable reality. Life isn't the same as destiny though and I think that the concept of "destiny" is pretty vague.
For example, a person is born, and along with it, this person's reality. This reality will have within it the future of the person, so yeah, death is also included when you are born.(hence the sentence: "We live to die") The choices that this person can make are also included in this person's reality, but which ones he/she will choose? No one knows until the right moment. We make lots and lots of choices in life, and these choices can lead us to different futures, but all of these futures are also included in your reality.

So, I think you can see life as nothing more than some kind of game. I'm not joking. The essence of life is to make choices, some right ones, some wrongs ones, some that will leads us to nowhere, some that will leads us to some place...
Also notice that I'm talking about only one person, not a group. I'm doing this because I think your life depends of you only. I'm not saying that it's your fault to life with in a violent country, with a poor family that doesn't care for you at all, but it doesn't change the fact that it will be your choices alone that you say if you live or die, that will lead your future(even if the possibilities of getting a good future are limited).

So I think life is a pretty mechanical "thing", but I don't think so about death.

Until the exact moment of death, you can say that both, death and life are your reality. But when you "die", what happens? I mean, the exact moment after your death...could you describe it? Some could say "Nothingness and only that"...okay, then describe "nothingness" to me. Can you? You can't.

That said, I think death is another reality, completly different from the former(life). Death is the end of our reality and the start of another one., and, if you pay attention, life is also like death. Can describe your reality before "life"? Life is something that we can "live", we are concious of it, that's why I described it in such a mechanical way. But you can't do the same with the "before-life" or with the "after-life".

Following some of my beliefs, I say that "death is another life" and vice versa. The reality of death, unknow to us, perphaps are known the people "in death". Life could a mystery for people "in death" too, while we can understand it.

By the way, I think that we fear death, because it's unknow, and not because we "like" life(you can like your life though, I respect you if you do). Perphaps the "me" before the "I" that lived in an alternative reality(perphaps in the reality of death) were also in fear when he was moments before life (hahaha, I couldn't help but laugh at myself for this...).

So The life until death is our reality, but the "after-death" is something that we can only imagine, so you could say that it's some kind of illusion to our reality. But when we "enter" this illusion, perphaps the opposite happens and the reality we were once in, is now nothing but a illusion.

And concluding, no, I'm not contradicting myself. Life is our undeniable reality and we can't say that it's just a illusion. It's the truth, but when someone dies and, perphaps, enters this new reality, the possibility of a something "on the other side of the coin" is something so weird that looks like a lie, a illusion. It's the same for us, as we can't say what's in the other side.
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