Author Topic: Life and Death  (Read 434 times)


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Re: Life and Death
« on: April 16, 2013, 09:05:15 am »
I like to think that the gift of life is the same to everybody , and it falls upon us to use it the way we want.There are people that started poor , sick and hungry and turned out to become men known all around the world due to their perseverence.There are people who are born in rich families , and start out with a world full of temptations.Some seize those temptations and loose all their money and health to alchool , gambling, drugs etc.

We all are and forever will be equal , regardless how people look at us , how much money we have , and how are we feeling.Life is like a rope that you climb all the way to the top.Some ropes are shorter then other , but by this theory the shorter ropes start higher then the longer ones.

Death is also a gift , maybe a greater gift then life , but no one can tell.In death we will not only be equal , but will also feel equal.A rich man who spent his life drinking and gambling his money away , and died under the effects of alchool will feel equal to a man who started in a poor family , in a poor country and yet lived a long , hard -working life near a  loving wife , loving childreen , loving grand-childreen and loving friends.

However , the man who gambled and drank brought hatred upon many others , therefor he wasn't loved , wasn't trust.The man who worked hard , without looking upon his mates to see if they work less hard , brought love upon others , and was loved back back by those who owned him , who looked up to him , who trusted him.Will those two truly be equal in death?