What is your favorite spell for each character?

Ground Zero
Colossal Slam
Flame Explosion
Energy Ball
Flash Strike
Lightning Storm
Glacial Ball
Frozen Fang
Chill of The Frost Master
Freezing Field

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Re: Your favorite spell-AoE
« on: September 16, 2012, 06:40:01 am »
Ground zero because it needs timing and it is super powerful.

Energy Ball for Fradz because it is underused I think, but REALLY powerful. If Fradz is alone you can get this spell to hit for full damage 3-4 times in one cast. That is crazy damage. Also it gives you temporary survival to get through impossible boss events with the right timing. And it's also a heal! Too powerful :)

Glacial ball because it is different. Cast time and a nice animation, plus you can make it deal twice the damage if you can walk an enemy with it.

Thats my vote!