I am .... animated.

Yell at the tv/monitor
2 (50%)
Stand up when it gets intense
0 (0%)
Move around in place
0 (0%)
Full on blown standing up moving around cursing at the tv/monitor cus your character isn't moving as you told it to.
1 (25%)
Combination of some of them.
1 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 4

Author Topic: Are you an animated gamer? If yes, How animated?  (Read 817 times)


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Re: Are you an animated gamer? Is yes, How amintated?
« on: April 29, 2013, 09:42:05 pm »
"Is yes, How amintated?"

if this is educated, then yes, i'm under educated. but i think it should read "if yes, how animated?"


Well, I voted for a combination of some of them. While gaming I do some really ridiculous things sometimes. I often yell at me, God, or the monitor. I too stand up and start cursing someone...often my sister(don't ask me why). I do other things such as start hitting the wall with my head(okay, i don't do this...) and kicking the ground(not literally of course). When I get too frustrated, I try to meditate a little and think about it, because perhaps there is another way to do what I want... If it doesn't work then I say "It's a conspiracy" and go to sleep ::).

Umm... anger management?

Just joking :D

I get angry all the time when gaming, I just control it and don't let it affect others or me or anything else. Everyone gets angry, it's how you act on it that makes you an awesome guy or a jerk that no one likes to game with :)

Especially in multiplayer games like Dota I used to get really frustrated and would literally curse under my breath and really try to get back at the player who messed me up. Then I realised it was affecting my enjoyment of the game, my performance at the game, and affecting other people too, friends teammates etc. Now I've changed my mentality. During Dota, this is my checklist when something makes me mad:
Was it my fault?
Yes = ah well, think about how I can improve so it doesn't happen again
No = ah well, nothing I can do then, think about what I can do now

In any situation, just think rationally. Sit back, ah well, and think about what you can do now to fix it rather than on what's already happened. That immediately kills the anger and activates the positive part of your brain.