I am .... animated.

Yell at the tv/monitor
2 (50%)
Stand up when it gets intense
0 (0%)
Move around in place
0 (0%)
Full on blown standing up moving around cursing at the tv/monitor cus your character isn't moving as you told it to.
1 (25%)
Combination of some of them.
1 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 4

Author Topic: Are you an animated gamer? If yes, How animated?  (Read 817 times)


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Re: Are you an animated gamer? Is yes, How amintated?
« on: April 29, 2013, 02:44:33 am »
animated gamer? what...?

btw i don't understand why u typo'd the title like that when ur english is so fine elsewhere and in the post itself.

anyways, i don't really FI to any of those options, but i picked the 1st coz it's the closest. however i'm more like "ah f*** me" in a more gentle way.

so instead of raging it's more like being disappointed in something. in ur example, if a character didn't move like i wanted it to, i'd just probably laugh at it, lol.
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