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Author Topic: My feedback upon the finishing of the campaign - colossal spoilers imminent  (Read 475 times)


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Today I finished the campaign for the first time. Before I played it many times, but the furthest I made it to was the eighth chapter. Today I completed the last two chapters on the hard difficulty, with tons of gold and honor from the previous playthroughs. I defeated every boss I could find. I only missed the chapter 10 elite boss, and a couple of quests in the chapter, but after defeating Zylcious I was just too excited to wait, and I went for Xvareon after only a short preparation. Aero, you told me once on the chat, that you wanted to hear my thoughts when I play, so here they are, everything I thought about the campaign when I was playing it.

My favorite chapters were 1, 2, 3 and 6. I don't really remember what I felt when I was first playing chapter 1, that was some years ago, I only remember that I was amazed. Playing that chapter hooked me into this campaign for good. The thing I loved about the campaign the most were the characters, and the interesting storyteling. I loved getting to know Brigitta, Phodom, Fradz, Fradz, Galeoth, Tharo, Yardeniox, Yurgimar, Zylcious and Xvareon. I really wanted to le/*-arn more about each of them. I came into liking with each of them, even Xvareon at the end, but I was kinda disappointed that I ultimately lost to Zylcious and I couldn't do anything about it. Unfortunately the secret ending was my first ending ever, so I don't know what was a secret, and what was fake.

The character I liked the most was probably Fradz, the human one. When I played two or three years ago, I was really bored with most things he was saying, but in this last playthrough I didn't feel that anymore and I laughed almost every time. Especially when he asked Phodom what was he going to fight with, once he pushed his mace into Fradz's ass. That was probably the best one. Both Fradzs I think were the most tragic characters in the game. But then they were the greatest heroes. Fradz had no name when he was a child, he had no love from anyone and no purpose. Maybe Phodom had it worse at the end of his life, but I couldn't identify myself with what he was goin through. In Fradz however I have seen a bit of myself.
Between us a catastrophy, temporarily burning us.
Our beautiful catastrophy, tragicomedy.

The most moving part of the campaign were those beautiful fireworks in the epilogue, with those incredible lyrics going on in the background, and the moment when you were talking to us. I cried at that moment. Well, inside at least. I think no more needs to be said on this.

The fights I liked the most were the following: demon fishtern, Anthanex, Talloon and John, and then Xada. And maybe Zithenxa. They were simple, just how I like it. Taloon was very interesting, becouse of the mystery around the character. I really wanted to win so I could learn more about him. And John, even though he wasn't really a part of the story, but just an excuse to introduce Tharo, had incredible motives, and I really felt how nuts he was when I was fighting him.

However what I didn't like was that you were throwing against us bosses that didn't really make sense. Especially in the late chapters. I understand the death puppet in chapter 5, Siluze was checking out what he was up against. But the ice monster in chapter 8, the obelisk in chapter 9... This was really unmotivated, I don't understand why you put them there. The story was goin 100% around them anyway. Hm.

Of course the battle with Xvareon was really easy after doing everything and having the game crush so many times during Zylcious fight, so I didn't feel anything that the characters were talking about. He was just a long mini-boss for me. But of course I understand, I bet he would be really hard if I had no synthesis and epic boss items.

I also thought you could put this to the moment when Fradz and Phodom are talking for the last time: But that's just a loose suggestion.

Well, it came out shorter then I expected. I'll probably expand it after a while.

This was really the best thing I could have chosen for the last game I will have played in my entire life. I'm looking forward to reading your book.

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These type of posts are definitely the best type of posts. I like to read what people actually think about the campaign.

It was very, very enjoyable reading this post. Excellent!