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General feedback, and some bugs I have encountered
« on: June 12, 2013, 02:46:05 am »
So I'm on my 3rd playthrough of this campaign, and I really enjoy it. That being said there are a few things that really spoil the experience.

The long loading times makes for a few rage moments when I try to troubleshoot the bugs  ;D

I could not post in bugs topic on forum for some reason, and got logged out of feedback on forum.
Sry for posting in wrong topic.
Admin feel free to move this.

Version 1.9i
Loaded from giveup 1.8h

Chapter 1:
No bugs were found

Chapter 2:
Power orb despawned from ground.
Tornder King did not spawn at all. (yes I waited for corpses to despawn)

Chapter 3:
Golem puzzle did not trigger on completion. (yes I did it correctly)

Chapter 4:
No bugs were found

Chapter 5:
No bugs were found

Chapter 6:
Orb of degeneration could not be acquired on digspot. (No Galeoth set  :-[)

Chapter 7:
Lost all my Ice and Lightning skills + espers.
Lost the new elemental ability for Galeoth. (Can't remember the name)
Epic boss did not spawn. (No Phodom set :-[)

Chapter 8:
Challenge side quest could not be completed, none of the enemies respawned.

Chapter 9:
The portal sidequest asks for lesser magic ball, then a greater one. When it is a lesser one needed.
Escort sidequest reward says Yin, when I allready had obtained it from digging with Fradz.

The counters on the panel, (minibosses, optional quests, main quests etc...) were always wrong.

I still find this one of, if not the best campaign for wc3. Aero you are amazing.

Kind regards.
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