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Re: Floating texts for chapter 7
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Quite a bit more mistakes than I thought, I'd think some people would pick up on some of these but I can expect that, I'm OCD when it comes to English so that's why I notice so many of these, haha. Anyhow, all the sentences left in were wrong and are now in their corrected version. I think this batch of floating texts is all correct now. Of course, anyone is free to double check me, I sometimes make mistakes.


- A guard's job is boring. I've been thinking about becoming a merchant.
- Terdoom Castle is gigantic in it's size.
- I think I've heard something about dragons... I've got a bad feeling about this.
- This is the entrance to the glorious Terdoom Castle!
- An order was given to delay the rest of the guests.

Main roads/districts and parks

- Thousands and thousands of people live in this city today, and more is coming every day!
- This city has many parks that makes the atmosphere more relaxing.
- There are many Summoning Circles around Oelivert. The Magic Guild uses them for some sort of purpose.
- I've always wondered... Why did the war start in the first place? Did we fight for nothing?
- Terdoom Castle is just too big. I always get myself lost in here!

Magic Research

- I heard the trolls around the Icy Mountains are having some huge problems.
- There are many mysterious powers in this world yet to be found.
- The sky is filled with thousands of stars. But if you look close you can see two stars and the Sun.
- Many answers would have been answered a long time ago if we would have cooperation with the dragons.

Magic Guild

- It is said that the most powerful fighters come from Northern tribes... Just like Xanothin.

Army Quarters

- If you are strong and dedicated enough, you can be promoted from the army to a dragon slayer!

Market Areas

- There are so many interesting items that I pissed in my pants.
- There are many games to be played here.
- I'm searching for some nice swords and axes.
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