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Re: Draw A Map!
« on: January 14, 2011, 03:17:14 pm »
Couple questions though, does this need to be in color
You'll decide that.

that black stuff that's going all around terdoom castle, that's a river right?
I didn't quite get that answer. Terdoom Castle is the one in the middle. There are four roads from it and a lot of countryside around the huge city.

Second, those lines across Great Marsh East and West are....?
I don't know. Maybe they are to show that it's marsh...

Plains perhaps? Blight, roots....trees?
Yea something like that.

Again, I might not be able to do this, if I get the info I'd see if it'd be possible but idk, I'm tight on time lately, if this was the summer I'd be able to get cracking on this but that's a long time for now, again I'll see what I can do.
It's up to you. There's no hurry, I'm here still for a long time. You people may come and go, I'll be here. I'll be here.  ;)

(I'd do color if I could) and    I'm gonna try and model it after yours because I'm not too familiar with your world, of course I'm going to try and use color and all that and give my own artistic details here and there.
Yup, you can always ask.
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