Author Topic: Create your own starting packs for the campaign!  (Read 826 times)


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Re: Create your own starting packs for the campaign!
« on: May 04, 2013, 03:46:22 pm »
Hmm, yes I feared about that.

Hmm... I think I might have changed somethings actually. I just recheck it, and it says I have like 97 characters left. I know when I had it finished, I check and I have exactly 1000 characters. So I don't know what I did to it.

Anyways, I know a way that could shorten it greatly. But at the cost of knowing exactly what it is picking.

The way to shorten it is, to replace all the names (excluding character names) with numbers. Corresponding to the slot they are in. So like, "0,0" "0,1" "0,2" ect. That would reduce the character count greatly. But it would make it a lot harder for players to understand what is being picked.
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