Author Topic: Create your own starting packs for the campaign!  (Read 826 times)


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Re: Create your own starting packs for the campaign!
« on: April 30, 2013, 05:03:14 pm »
Notes: This submission will change with the latest, stable release. (So next release after 1.9)
This uses the full 1000 characters.
This is going on the assumption that we are also picking the starting packs as well.

Name: Balanced in Trio

Overall Information:

The basis of this pack allows for each hero to support each other in order to become a giant in battle. While each hero has it's own role, this is designed for all heroes to be thought of as one. This will allow survivability as well as be coming very powerful in the later chapters.

Phodom: He is the main tank and disables. Allowing Fradz and Galeoth to do some major damage.

Abilities: Defensive Roar, Impact Flare, Fire Mastery, Flame Explosion, Flame Barrier, Chaotic Rift.
Pack: Paladin

Fradz: He is the sub-tank, and damage dealer.

Abilities: Power Orbs, Scissor Stab, Invisible Strike, Flash Strike, Electro Shell, Teleport Strike
Pack: Daredevil

Galeoth: Main healer, and major magic damage.

Abilities: Seal Of Resurrection, Piercing Shard, Mesmerizing Ice Crystal, Chill of the Frost Master, Glacial Armor, Frozen Paradise.
Pack: Opportunist
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