Should we replace the word 'morality'?

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4 (57.1%)

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Author Topic: Should we replace the word 'morality'?  (Read 2062 times)


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Re: Should we replace the word 'morality'?
« on: April 01, 2013, 02:46:09 am »
Lol haha I sorry ;) but I always tried to maximize items and gold gained so too bad for my 'morality'

Nah, there aren't that many difference in the items for choosing the dark side(they have cookies though).

? I beg to differ. In chapter 1, if you kill the epic boss, you can get a staff which is a part of a synthesis item that gives alot of magic dmg :) And you can get alot more money by killing the minons and selling all the random items in the huts. In chapter 5, if you kill the Gazas, you can get alot more money and steal Amulet of (something) which can be sold for quite a profit. And you get to kill another miniboss :D Basically, if u choose the dark side, u potentially can get much more money to spend. yay!

Anyway, I prefer if we throw suggestions on what words to use to replace morality because I cant think of any good substitute yet. xD