Should we replace the word 'morality'?

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Author Topic: Should we replace the word 'morality'?  (Read 2062 times)


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Re: Should we replace the word 'morality'?
« on: March 28, 2013, 10:23:19 am »
well you see, i never actually found out what morality is for anyways. does it just display the characters way of decisionmaking or do i actually benefit from having a high or low morale? does it influence the gameplay somehow? items i can get etc?

because if it doesnt, remove it completely or introduce the morality system to the player and give more opportunitys to get/lose morality. like the first time you can change your morality is the archmage in chp1. i killed him and lost morality and then i was like "oh, i hope thats not bad". then in chp4 i lost morality again and i just prayed to xyrzious that it wouldnt influence me in a bad way.

so what i think is: you either make it influence the game in a very visible way through quests and items and conversations/interludes, or you just remove it entirely.
also, morality is a good word and i wouldnt change it because as of right now, it doesnt display the HEROES morality but rather the players. sure phodom isnt a murderer and manslayer, but i the **** am, hell yeah. i killed those orcs, all of them. ****!